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Board and Batten on the Bathroom Wall

I also wanted to share the bathroom progress with you! We recently removed the old tile and installed board and batten on the bathroom wall. I love how it looks already, and it was such an inexpensive upgrade!
Wall before board and batten

 Tile is down! We found weird holes in the wall behind the tile in different places. It was kind of crazy. Hole from an old toilet paper holder? Tile over it! Old laundry shoot? Leave the shoot in place and  go over it! The amazing thing for all of my complaining about thing breaking in our house, we’ve found out it’s really well built. The walls are wire mesh with concrete over the top! Great for construction, and non-molding, bad for trying to break into a wall. 🙂 We opted to space our board and batten about 13 inches on center, and 5 feet off the ground to cover where the existing tile was.

We knew board and batten on the bathroom wall would really upgrade the space for under $40

Wall after board and batten
Drywall is up and primed. What a difference already! We’ve added board and batten and trim to quite a few places in our home including our bedroom and crown molding in our living room. I just love how trim makes such a huge difference. IN our guest bathroom downstairs, we added a wood ceiling and love how organic it feels.

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Board and batten over drywall in a bathroom renovation
Adding the board and batten was a bit of a challenge with the concrete over wire lath, and it was hard to demo the wall which is why we opted instead to go right over the old wall with the wood slats.
We’ll be painting the board and batten in the bathroom BM White Dove. the wall above it and the tiled shower area will be and Martha Stewart’s Dolphin Grey for the top. I hope to get it painted soon to show you the finished product! In my head these projects always go faster than they do in real life

You can see the final bathroom reveal here

And see what that bathroom looks like today.

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  1. Congrats to the winners!
    I bet you are so happy to be finally tacking this.Can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Congratulations to the winners… looks like a great project. I love waking up to a good project, I should start one!
    It was good to see you last weekend, we should try and get together sometime.
    Blessings today

  3. Hi Jennifer, great progress on your bathroom! It is soooo much work, I know, but so worth it in the end. I’ve just finished my own bathroom if you want to have a look! It’s vintage style with tongue and groove panelling! Still have to add some finishing touches but the major stuff is done! Didn’t realise how much work is involved in this kind of thing until we were half way through, but enjoying it now! Can’t wait to see your finished project 🙂


  4. Wow ~ that is a nice surprise, Jen! Thank you! We have found those types of things in the bathrooms in our homes, too. It’s funny how people can’t seem to get the toilet paper holder right and half the time they just leave the old holes or don’t spackle over them properly. I used to just get those stand alone holders at my old house. A fresh wall always looks so nice ~ even before you paint it or tile it.

  5. Okay….seriously. Your new line is amazing. I have been pouring over all your creativity and I am amazed. Congrats on a job well done.


  6. Congrats to the ladies who won!!! Enjoy your goodies. What fun with the bathroom. We did ours last year and I don’t envy you the work but can’t wait to see the finish!!!

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