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Make a Really Cool Abstract Moss Wall Art Canvas

The minute I came across moss wall decor while scrolling, I knew I had to make one for myself. They were so cool and abstract looking, that my walls were just calling out for one. Making my abstract moss wall art was fun, and a little messy and gives the illusion if a vertical garden. It was easier than I thought as well and a fun piece of home decor. I wanted one that was going to be in a natural colored frame., but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on framing it, so I came up with a really unique solution! There is a step by step tutorial and material list below and you can check out the video with this post on how it all came together (a brief ad will play.).

DIY moss wall art in a canvas frame

Since I knew I wanted a big piece of art framed in natural wood picture frame to hang between my kitchen and living room, I decided to use a large canvas and take advantage of the fact is already has a frame. I cut the canvas off the front aide and glued it on the back. I picked this technique over just using the back side and removing about a thousand staples from the back and having holes all along the frame. Once it the glue was dried, it made the perfect backdrop to create my abstract moss wall hanging art on! You can also use a staple gun to add the back on if you’re worried the glue isn’t enough to hold it on. Do yourself a favor and add your hanging hardware to the back now. You’ll thank yourself later!

Applying glue to the back of the canvas

To make my moss art, I also bought 4 different kinds of preserved moss you can find in the craft stores (sheet moss, reindeer moss in green and tan, and a moss kit with dried lichen, bark, , sponge mushrooms, driftwood and twigs in it. There are lots of natural elements you can use including Prairie sphagnum moss, or whatever type of moss you want. It’s all about adding texture. You’ll also need a giant bottle of white craft glue, hot glue gun and glue sticks and some faux plants that looked like they could be in a mossy forest. This could be anything from faux air plants (tillandsia), succulents, faux bromeliads to ferns and other greenery. I happened to find one that looked like kind of a fake cabbage, but it worked really well, so I used it.

Pressing preserved moss into the glue

After flipping your canvas around, start the moss wall art by adding lots of glue. I wanted a really organic and abstract feel so I did a swoopy pattern with my glue thinner to one end than the other. After my glue was applied, I started adding my sheet moss. It does get messy, so just add a piece of moss at a time, tearing it to fit in the shape you want. My canvas had a stretched frame in the back and I applied my material right over the top. Once my moss was applied, I shook the canvas off outside to get rid of all of the little dried bits.

Adding a second layer of bright green reindeer moss

You can also do a similar pattern placement with a living moss wall and living plants, but for indoors a preserved moss wall has almost zero maintenance and moisture issues. A living wall is better used on the exterior of a home since it needs a certain humidity level and preserved DIY moss wall art for interiors as wall decor.

Gluing reindeer moss and lichen to a canvas frame

The green reindeer moss went on second in the same manner, though I varied my pattern a little to make it interesting.

Lichen and moss in a preseved moss wall hanging

After that, I continued gluing pieces of moss and the natural bits like lichen until I repeated the sheet moss at the end of the canvas. I did add my large faux plants while I was working so I could add the smaller moss around them.

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Finishing an abstract moss wall hanging

Once the sheet moss was all glued down, I used hot glue to addmy smaller faux greenery, tucking it in between the different layers.

Applying hot glue to the back of faux plants

When everything was glued i and dried, I took it outside and carefully shook it off to get rid of loose parts. It also let me know what I wanted to glue on a little tighter.

Wall at made with moss and faux plants

I made a moss wall as display when I had the store and used hairspray to help seal loose pieces on. You can try that here, but it can make the art more flammable, so use with caution.

DIY Moss wall hanging with air plants

For care, keep away from direct sunlight and heat or open flame, and away from pets or small kids. I love using unconventional materials like this to create art because it really let’s me stretch my creativity in my own home.

Moss wall art with faux plants

It’s always fun to try out of the box ideas, and even more fun when they turn out, unlike this craft fail!


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