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How to Style a Vintage Wood Dough Bowl With Faux Orchid Arrangement With Moss

At the House in the Woods design project, we had purchased a really amazing vintage wood dough bowl for the dining room table. The wood was so gorgeous, and knew it would be an amazing statement piece on the table, really make the room. At first, we let the wood just shine and the bowl sat empty. The home owner and I loved it; Her husband called it an “ugly canoe”… which was the funniest thing I had ever heard (dough bowls are super popular, and can fit into all kinds of decor styles, you can even find a lot of great reproductions that don’t break the bank.). After hearing that, my husband started calling our smaller-scaled vintage dough bowl an ugly canoe too. It was contagious, lol. The challenge with bigger dough bowls is that they can be lot to fill, especially if you get a more European style like we have. I wanted to share our project and how to style a vintage wood dough bowl with faux orchids, though you could use any upright flower and change then out as the seasons change. Really, you could also use any container for this project.

How to style a vintage wood dough bowl


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We opted to bring in spring a little early, though to me, orchids aren’t  a super springy flower. We found an inspiration picture on Pinterest from Petit Haus, and decided we were going to copy this project because it was so pretty and fit the room so well. The bright green of the moss really pops against the light wall and dark table.

Dining room with board and batten and vintage dough bowls

I found the materials at Hobby Lobby. Since the bowl was so big, I knew we would have to fill the base of it first. After pricing it out, I bough two giant six packs of dry floral foam, the floral picks, and two kinds of moss, regular dried sheet moss and the brighter green reindeer moss. You can find a reproduction vintage dough bowl here and a more European style here.

VIntage wood dough bowl style with faux orchids

After filling the base with the blocks, I stuck the picks into the top part. The faux orchid blooms and leafy bases were actually two separate picks so I placed those as closely as I could too each other so it looked natural. Some of the bases I added a single flower, others I added two. If you want to see a pretty winter floral arrangement, check out this post.

VIntage dough bowl with faux orchids

After the faux florals were in place I gave the orchid stems a little bend so they would look a little more “real”.

The sheet moss was placed first to cover the top, and tucked in along the edges. The brighter reindeer moss was then placed on the top and used to fill any gaps left  so the dry foam was completely covered. After that it was done! I did tell her to make sure this didn’t get tipped over. lol. That would be a mossy mess!

Dining room with vintage wood dough bowl and faux orchids and moss


It really makes  a pretty statement in the dining room and the orchids don’t feel super springy, so it makes a nice transition floral.

You can find supplies here. If you love working with faux florals, see how you can use paper bags to make faux tulip bulbs

or even a faux fern in a glass terrarium-style vase.



How to style a wood dough bowl with orchids and moss