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Make a beautiul handmade pillow with vintage linens…

Happy Wednesday!!! Today Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired has a beautiful pillow to share with you today made with vintage linens and notions.

I am so happy to be back to share a fun little project with you today!
I have been slowly collecting pieces for my little Ella’s new room and right now I am working on the bedding. I have gathered a few pillows and a pretty cream quilt. I wanted to add a little handmade touch so I decided to make an accent pillow from a few things in my vintage stash. My heart just skips a beat for old notions and linens! 
For this pillow, I used a vintage napkin, hankie, and buttons. 
First, I hand-stitched the hankie onto the napkin. 
Then I sewed a simple muslin back onto the napkin and stuffed it with cotton. When I was finished, I hand-stitched the opening to close it.
I added some beautiful little vintage buttons onto my pillow. I love that they are creamier, so they will match the cream quilt so well. 
And it is finished! It was actually really quick and simple to make. 
I love the combination of all of the fun textures- the nubby edging, the crocheted hankie trim, the buttons. Love. 
I am excited to finish her room. I love rooms that feel more collected instead of decorated, so I don’t mind waiting while I gather all of the bits and pieces to complete the room. Seeing my little stash come together is so fun. 
Thank you for letting me share my little pillow with you. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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  1. I love this idea! My dear mom passed away last November and I have some of her hankie’s, this is a wonderful idea on a way to use them!! Thanks so much!!

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