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Collecting a collaged art wall…

I know plate walls were super hot last year, but I see a trend brewing with walls this year-The collaged art wall. I love  the look of art that seems mismatched, yet brilliantly blends together. It has such a great collected feel!

Dramatic collage wall

I love the contrast of the dark walls and gold frames.

This wall has a homey,cozy feel.

Collage of abtract group art

I love the idea of collaged art as well.

collage family pictures inall shapes and sizes

And family photos have a whole new life grouped together.

lovely in lala land collage wallVia

The vintage, gold mirrors add such a touch of prettiness!

Jeanne olivers collaged art wall


I wish you could see how pretty Jeanne’s wall were in person with all of the art!

Kelly’s has a great boho feel.

Collected art wall eclectically vintageVia

And I love how Kelly has put this together!

This collaged wall feels very fresh!

it really makes me want to start taking all of the vintage oils and new prints I’ve amassed over the years and start doing something with them besides stack them in a pile!

I have some other good news! After getting through all of the flooding, we are finally starting to rehab the downstairs again.I can’t wait to share my progress and my inspiration boards with you in the next few weeks!

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    1. I think the biggest thing is to hang 3 grouped pictures first and then work around them. The other thing is if something doesn’t look right, take a picture of it and look at the picture, it’s easier to see that way.

  1. Love this and I started one in my diningroom but don’t know if I’ve done it right. Love the pictures!

  2. I have been working on a gallery wall in my living room for a couple of months now! Love them. Thanks for sharing the inspiration here!

  3. So excited….maybe I am ahead of a trend for once. I have a “gallery” hallway with pictures of my children/family and art….both my children’s and others. I love it.

  4. I am gathering a wall now…not just pictures but, things with dimension….framed old lock, old wood golf club, mirror, pocket watch, set of corbels, ampersand etc. send pic when installed. Looks great in my head! Know there will be some finagling to do. But, that’s the fun.

  5. Jen, I am IN LOVE with the collage walls too! I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a collection of plates, so I couldn’t follow that trend☺ I just usually do what feels good and beautiful to me (sometimes it’s a trend, but usually not). Thanks for sharing all the amazing ideas and websites that will for sure inspire me! I wanted you to know that I’m a HUGE fan of yours!! (Don’t worry, I don’t blog stalk),☺ but I DO love everything about your beautiful home. I’m really excited to see what you’re doing with your basement, I hope all goes well!–♥Angie

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