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Mod Cardboard Vase

In designing the window display at the shop, in my trio of GIANT vases, I wanted to make a mod cardboard vase. If you didn’t see construction of the first vase, you can see it here.

Cut out for large mod cardboard vase template

I started making vase number 2 by making a paper template, and then tracing. Which is what I should have done the first time! It was much easier to get matching sides that way. I wanted the shape to be somewhat classic, so I could have fun with the paint.

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Jennifer Rizzo constructing a DIY large mod cardboard vase

I made the sides thicker than the last vase, and bent them to follow the curves of the template.

How to tape together cardboard for a large scale decorative vase

I found it helped to pre-bend them to improve their flexibility. I taped them on the inside with wide making tape.

Spread glue on cardboardi n this cardboard craft

After taping the top on from the outside, I glued paper over the top. After trying different techniques, I found it was easiest to glob the glue on, and spread it with another piece of cardboard.

Glue paper to the outside, cutting it so it forms around the edge

When applying the paper, I found it helped to press it smoothly down and try to get as many air bubbles out as possible. To get the paper to adhere around the edge, clip the paper.

Painting a boho mod cardboard vase for display

Once the paper was on, I was finally at the fun part of painting! I loved the idea of using fresh colors like  lilac paint and coral paint with a white combination.

Use an old brush and brown paint to make paint specks on something

To give it a flecked, textured look, I added a little water to a dark brown acrylic paint to thin it slightly. I then used an old, cheap, cruddy brush. For something like this, the cruddier the brush the better. I dipped it in the paint, and then used my finger to “fleck ” it onto the surface. This can get a little messy, so wear old clothing!

Giant mod cardboard vase for display painted to dry

Let one side dry before doing the other, other wise your flecks will smear. Once you finish the second side, glue the base of the vase on!

Window display idea:Trio of giant cardboard vases at The Collective lhe + Makery in Downtown Lisle, IL

The second vase was so much fun to make, I really took a chance with the third one with construction! In the next post, I’ll show you how I put that one together!




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