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fun and easy modern yarn garland with tassels

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so super excited to be back in 2015 sharing fun and easy crafts and projects with you all.
I’m from New England and, when I think of winter, I immediately think of the need to add in cozy and warmth into both my home and décor.
Modern yarn garland with tassels
With crafts, I tend to gravitate towards using thick and chunky yarn during these chilly months.
Recently, I made this easy, modern yard garland and I would love to share it with you all.

Supplies: thick yarn, scissors, heavy duty tape, two large beads (you may need to drill holes…if you do please be careful!), stain or paint.
First, cut three lengths of yard that are each approximately four times the length of you mantel (or wherever you want to use the finished garland).



Secure one end with a knot and tape to a steady surface. (Since I had such long amounts of yarn I taped it to the floor on one end of my living room and worked my way across the room!
Simply braid the yarn and secure the ends with a knot.
Stain or paint your beads and push the end and knot through the hole in the bead (I had to use a skewer to get it all the way through). The bead should sit on top of the knots.
Lastly, cut 10 lengths of yard for each end. Tie each one individually, just above the knot to create a tassel.
This is such a great afternoon project!
I invite you all over to Number Fifty-Three! I’m sharing more details of my wintry modern, vintage January mantel and I would love to have you!


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