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Natural Halloween Fall Front Porchette

While I would love someday to have a full size porch, for now we make the most of our front step area. In Chicago, we call that the “Fronch Schtoop” and older people go out and sit on it in the summer in an old webbed lawn chair, and watch cars drive by as they yell at kids to get the h*$& off of their lawns. Even though I am not quite there, some days that sounds like a lovely way to pass the time. I personally prefer the term  “Porchette” since the other name makes me sound like George Wendt as Ditka as “Da Bears” guys when I say it. Since we don’t have a ton of space, I did more of a natural Halloween fall front porchette. I may out out a few more “Halloweeny” things closer to Halloween, but for the most part I prefer a more natural look while my flowers are still blooming. Here’s a little peek at our porchette stripped down before adding everything.

Front porch before decorating

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It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill front porchette. It’s due for a bit of paint next spring. It’s a nice, blank canvas. A few years ago, I had fun decorating with real pumpkins on the vine grown in my own yard.

Updat eold lanterns with copper spray paint

I also wanted to share with you an easy DIY for any decor that’s looking a little weary. I could tell my lanterns were really feeling 2020. They were looking exhausted and weathered, like the rest of us. A can of copper spray paint really perked them up so I could get another year or two out of them.

Faux pumpkins for decorating

Does anyone else pour their pumpkins our of garbage bags to start fall decorating? No… only me? Okay then. I like to mix real and faux pumpkins. It save not only a ton of money, but it keeps the squirrels from eating all of my decorating. I did accidentally put a few real mini-pumpkins away with the fake ones a few years ago. Don’t do that; the results aren’t pretty. I now put a small “x” at the bottom of any of my real ones so there’s no questions when it’s time to put the fall decorating away.

Mix faux and real pumpkins in decor

 On my porchette, I layered my real pumpkins, fake pumpkins, lanterns and mums.  I also spray painted a few other pieces like the metal container below in the same copper paint.

Cute decorating idea pumpkins on haystack

The copper spray painted lanterns really added a nice metallic element. We swapped out our old porch light for a new one recently, and I love it. It makes such a huge difference!

Natural HalloweenFall Porchette decorating

A nice wreath on the door, and a few cute layered door mats, like this thankful one, and my fall Halloween porch was ready to go! I might add some of these fun pumpkin planters to the front closer to Halloween.

Thankful Mat for front door

Off to the left side, I have these huge metal luminary pumpkins that look so good with a battery operated candle in them! I bought them a few years ago, but I recently saw you can find similar ones here. I love them because they look good all of the way through Thanksgiving!

Mums and pumpkins metal luminiary pumpkin

While I am always sad to see summer go because I adore gardening and I love the HEAT, I do love all of the colors that fall brings.

Decorate for fall with flowers

Thank you so much for joining me here! Make sure to visit all of my friends showing their fall decor below.


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  1. Thank you I live in the PNW and thanks for sharing “Fronch Schtoop” does it have a meaning or just fun wording for the step off porch. Yours is bigger than mine. When I had the new roof done I put a bid in and it came to $10,000 for a porch, I don’t think so.. My brother said that is what it would cost when he looked at the house … so it is hard to have a dream porch decor with small schtoop to step on and open door . But I try to put something. I saw one time where a gal had an entry like mine and she bought a large black lantern with a very ornate hook and put it on the side of the house by the door. Then she decorated that for @ holiday… So many fun ideas thanks

    1. A porch is crazy expensive! That’s why we’ve never done it and just made the best of the stoop as is. I think anything you can do works!

  2. Jen , It looks so warm and inviting!. I too have a porchette , although it is covered. I have one more step! I usually have a pumpkin on the step. Inside I have. Pumpkin on each step, that is about all! You are so creative. Still loving your painting above the mantle
    Miss you when I am in your shop. I will always think of it as your and Autumn’s shop. I think Nancy is there more,

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