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Cute Painted Pumpkin Planters

Let me introduce you to two really cute guys. They are named Albert and Edwin, and they are a pair of  really cute painted pumpkin planters with plants for hair. This was so easy, and it’s a nice way to reuse plastic pumpkins when they are no longer bring used for trick or treating. Technically, this isn’t a vase, but I am continuing sort of National Vase half-week. It does hold a plant, so I think that still counts.

Make pumpkin planters from plastic jackolanterns

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It’s easy to transform plastic trick or treat jack-o-lanterns that kiddos use to collect their treats into some fun planters for fall and Halloween decorating with matte paint. If you have a couple of different styles like I did, it makes it even more interesting. But they are still cute, even if they are all the same.

Spray painted platic pumpkin

It just take a few coats of spray paint or multi-surface paint and cover the pumpkins until there isn’t any more orange peeking through. It took almost 3 coats to cover these. I did find flipping them over and spraying the bottom helped for better coverage too.

Make cute painted pumpkin planters from plastic jack-ol-anterns

Then, just plop your plants in the top. One of the pumpkins had an opening that was much larger than the plant, so I placed  jar upside down to set the plant on top of.

Fun painted pumpkin planter from a jackolantern

Albert is really cute, and he has a full head of hair. I used 4″ pots of Dracena’s which require less water than lots of of other plants, and have that fun spiky look.

Plastic pumpkins painted as planters

Edwin however, looks a little shifty, and not quite there. Or as we say in our house, “A little like the cheese slid off the cracker.”

These painted pumpkin planters are so cute, they would be fun in other colors too, or with a fun ZZ plant, or spider plant as the pumpkin’s “hair”.

Cute spray painted jack o lanterns into planters

I placed mine on a wood plant stand and a cute wooden stool. I’m using them as a fun part of my fall decor and fall mantel, which  I’ll be sharing with you, and I have a pumpkin canvas painting project to show you too. You can see last year’s mantel here.

Turn a plastic pumpkin into a planter


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