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Modern Tween bedroom make over…One room, Three different ways…Day 3…

Day 3! I hope you are having as much fun as we are! It’s been a blast to see everyone’s creativity!
Don’t forget you can show us your restyled room  tomorrow at the linky party!!!
I am so excited to show you my third look for my room today!
I hope you enjoyed my relaxing guest room, and the Modern Boho naturalist look. Today’s look is actually the most permanent, a tween bedroom! I promised my Middle by letting me mess with her room for a few days, I would give her a new look she could keep. We had made the room over the first time changing it from a baby nursery to a girl’s bedroom.
Here is the original space:
Here is her new space!
 For her main comforter, I actually used the comforter inside of her duvet. Then I painted her headboard black. I used a bit of her own art work on the right for a pop of pattern and color.
 Let me tell you about the shameful amount of bribery that had to go on for her to let me paint her headboard black. Shameful! It involved lots of candy I would not normally let her have. While in mid-negotiations, I was also  told by another child I have no taste and that black was weird, and then I was told by yet a third child that I couldn’t use any old stuff because I only like old stuff.
 So I did this room with out “old stuff”.
 The lamp was already in her room as was all of the furniture. They just got a coat of paint.
 This room was my biggest splurge. I bought the drapes from Ikea for $12 and the pillow for $6.
I had extra fabric when I hemmed the curtains, so I cut out a bit for the back of the chair and appliquéd some  on the lamp with a hot glue gun. I grabbed little things she had to stage her room with.
 The ampersand cork board was one Oldest decided she was done with and the other pillow was from the other room decor. The little chandy was in our downstairs bathroom.
I also re-used the butterfly print from the boho room. She loves how it turned out! I am so glad I did it, bribery and all!
Visit these other ladies to see their room redo’s and we’ll see you back tomorrow to see your restyled spaces!
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  1. Oh so fun! I bet she is loving the end version, and I think the black headboard in all it’s weirdness gives a little punch to the room and looks great with the hot pink accessories and new curtains! Thanks for sharing all your ideas this week, it’s been fun to see all the options for one room.

  2. Your children are hilarious, much like mine….”no taste, only like old stuff”. But in the end, they get great design and they love it, right? Great job, Mama! ~Kim

  3. Hi Jennifer I bet your daughter loves this room. The extras that you did with the fabric are so special!

    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home

  4. Worth the sugar rush – it looks amazing! I have to get to Ikea – those drapes are gorgeous – and LOVE how you added a piece to the lampshade.

    Those girls know not what they say!! Picasso was also ridiculed and look how that turned out!!

  5. It sounds like you are having the same negotiation summer as me! And my Middle definitely does not want any “old” stuff in her life either. You did a fine job considering all your constraints 🙂

    Grit your teeth and enjoy the rest of the summer!

  6. HA, Jennifer! Bribery always was + remains one of my most effective parenting tools! Kudos! Oh, + speaking of one’s children, HA @ your child declaring you “have no taste” because of that black headboard! And their lack of enthusiasm for “old stuff”? I recall my oldest son, Ben, complaining that WE had “too much stuff”! Hey, it was the 80’s. Like bad perms + dusty rose, everybody had too much stuff!

  7. Good job negotiating with the kids. It’s one of our hardest jobs. Trial lawyers should have to pass the “room of pre-teens” test before they get accepted to the bar. 😀 Your daughters room turned out beautiful! I love the pink accent color.

  8. This is definitely my favorite! love the drapes and how you used the extras to pull it all together… and love love the owl pillow!

  9. HI Jennifer – well done on putting all these looks together! Your room has to win the prize for the sheer visual transformations – it really has been one room with three completely different looks.It did make me laugh, talking about negotiating for the ‘look’ in your daughters room. It was so much easier when they were too young to have an opinion, wasn’t it??!! But we have all influenced the way they are actively involved now, and I love that. I have enjoyed all the blogs, though. Great idea, and I must get onto my own house…….. sometime!! Rachel

  10. I thought all of your rooms were beautiful. I am head over heals for your butterfly poster, it is so cute, colorful and vintage all at the same time. I learned never to ask for my kids opinions years ago while trying on jeans with my then 13 year old daughter. When asked if she liked the pants she informed me that I butt looked chunky in them.
    Great rooms.

  11. It looks amazing, Jennifer! I bet your daughter is loving it!!! I finally got on my computer tonight. I kept up with reading everyones posts each day on my phone but it wouldn’t let me leave comments. This was just a fun challenge – thanks so much for inviting me to join!

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