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Girl’s Tween Bedroom Makeover with Fuchsia and Blue

We took our nursery with a mural overload  to something for a girl who’s growing up. It’s time to make it into a more modern and clean looking girl’s tween bedroom makeover with fuchsia and blue. When our oldest was born, I was painting murals and furniture for a living. plus, murals were super popular at the time. I was obsessed with England and painted an entire castle crumbling wall with a night scene and a blooming magnolia bush. Over the course of time with 3 girls and 2 bedrooms, we’ve just been continually shifting kids around. Finally, my tween is getting her own room the younger two are sharing. It was time to make the room a little more grown up for her, but still appropriate for her age.
GIrls room nursery makeover from an old castle theme

I was a little sad to say goodbye, but also I was kind of over it.  I wanted her input and originally, she wanted pink and purple stripes, but I knew she would quickly out grow it and I did not want it to look like  circus tent.
Teen makeover room with fushia and blue
 She told me “I don’t want any of that old stuff you like.” So we decided on a more modern flair with blue walls, and navy and raspberry accents. Something that could easily move into her late ‘tweens and beyond.
Girls bedroom makeover with pink
I found the modern-ish lamp, frame and fake flowers at Homegoods. It worked well knowing I had to keep her same bed coverings and furniture for now. I am thinking about finding something in raspberry and white for the bed skirt though. The rug is a bath mat from Homegoods.
Blue striped pillow with pink
 I found this great pillow at Target to add  a pop of color on the bed; and I had enough of that gorgeous Cabbages and Roses Fabric left to make an accent pillow. It really helped tie the room together.
pink and blue teen bedroom
 For the artwork, I found the raspberry graphic “flowers” at Homegoods. They are placemats for $1.99 each! My MIL is from Britain so we found this British flag art . It was perfect for  a girl’s tween bedroom makeover with fuchsia and blue!
Art on clothespins and reading nook
  The chair I reupholstered a few weeks ago  from the Cabbages and Roses fabric is perfect for her reading nook.  She loves the chair and reads in it every night. I’d love  a mirror there but until I find one I like, a bit of ribbon and clothespins makes a great place to showcase her artwork. For a little bit of color we made  a dolly pillow from blue ticking and pink felt.
Clothes pin and hanging art
Yes. That is an army parachute guy on the left. 🙂  She really, really wanted tye-dye pink drapes. How can I say no?  I had some white panels in our over stuffed linen closet and took a chance at playing with dye and Ombre dying them.
Ombre dyed drapery
 It was fun to do and she actually likes them, so I am glad I took the time to do it.
Ombre dyed drapery and mint green walls
 Not bad for my first time. I might have to redo the navy at the bottom to even it out a bit.
Mids artwork and dresser and coneflowers in pitcher
 We hung a self portrait she did over her dresser earlier this year. The colors were perfect, and I loved featuring her own art in her bedroom. Maybe she’ll be a famous artist one day.
Pink polka dots knob
 I found these cute knobs for half price at Hobby lobby.
crown molding 1 inch near celiing to create a raised ceiling
 And since it’s a small room I ” cheated” the ceiling a bit and added chair rail about  7 inches down on the wall instead of crown molding. I think it raises the ceiling  a bit and make the room look taller and adds character. Since our ceiling lines are so uneven anyway, it takes out the guess work of edging it straight.
Girls bedroom makeover with pink and blue
I know she loves it and loves having the freedom her her own room. She has surprised me and is actually a pretty neat kid.
You may be getting to see another room make over in the next few months because now the other two want a “new room.”
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  1. Wow what a difference. Loving the new molding. Such a great idea, especially when your straight edges are not so straight. We lived in a house built in 1886 – there were no right angles left in the place!

  2. That turned out so cute! My daughter is 9 and we are working on making her room a bit more grown up. She changes her mind constantly so it’s a work in progress. We have the same book shelf you have and I love how you have it down low so she can reach everything. Such a great idea. Your curtains are really neat.

  3. well, those colors are right up my alley! looks so sweet and fun…love the cabbages and roses stripe pillow and chair! you did a wonderful job, such a transformation. my daughter is totally going to tell me when she is older, “mommy, i don’t want any of that old stuff you like”. too funny, that made me crack up!

  4. You have no idea how happy I am to hear that someone else’s kid doesn’t like their “old” stuff! The room turned out absolutely darling – great job!

  5. You did such an amazing job!!! Perfect room for her!!! Love, love, love it! I know she does too. We will be starting Maddy’s room soon too…now I am really excited to get moving! Way to go friend.

  6. jen…..it looks gorgeous. i love it. the colors are perfect for her. great job. love the new look of the blog too!!

  7. The room looks beautiful! I can see why your daughter loves it! I had to laugh at the part where she told you she didn’t want any “old stuff”. I am getting ready to give my 11 year old son a room makeover this Fall and anytime I show him something vintage…he veto’s it immediatly! lol (I will manage to sneak some in though mu ha ha!)

  8. This is literally “night and day”! It is completely fabulous! I wish I had more bedrooms so I could do this look!

  9. huge transformation! how very blessed she is to have a Mom who actually listens to her….that will carry over to so many areas Jen – not spoiled, but caring –

    beautiful job and your talents never cease to amaze me

  10. Gorgeous room Jennifer!! I love what you did to change everything and brighten and lighten but keep it fun for her with the pops of pretty pink!! Love how it turned out! Stopping by from Shabby Nest today~ you are always welcome to come share at my decorating party at my blog on the weekends too!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  11. Jen…..oh you have outdone yourself this time..that is such a cool room(cause there is none of your stuff in it)don;t you love when they say that!!This needs to be in a magazine my dear…hey any word on Country Living?? x0x0

  12. Wow, wow, wow! It turned out beautifully< Jennifer! LOVE the knobs, pillow and the canvas! Your daughter must be so excited about it!

  13. I love how your daughter’s room turned out with so many special homemade touches. My favorite part was your daughter’s reading nook. I’ve been wanting a bookshelf like that for my kids but thought they’d outgrow it. Now I see I was wrong and it can be for older kids too (mine are 4 and 6). Such a cute corner with that great shelf and darling chair. I was also amazed by the drapes. I love to do a lot of my own homemade touches in my home but truthfully don’t know whether I’d have the courage to try tie dye on such a large piece of fabric. Beautiful work.

  14. Turned out just adorable! My girls are dying for rooms make-overs although we repainted and redid their rooms only a couple of years ago ~ they have their mother’s illness of constant redo/rearrange!

  15. What a great room! I bet she loves every inch of it. Creating the artwork together is a very cool idea, it will mean so much more to her later too!
    I love it all, T.xoxo

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