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Ornament Twig Tree DIY

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so happy to be back sharing a super easy holiday decorating idea with you. This Ornament Twig Tree is a fun idea to boost your decor, or if you want to display some special Christmas ornaments. It’s also a really modern way to display them!
ornament twig tree DIY

I love to add elements from nature into my décor regardless of the season, and this is one way i can do it.
Modern ornament display on a tree branch displayed with a vintage frame on a dresser
…and Christmas is no exception.


Gold ornaments on a tree branch
I recently made this twig tree for our upstairs hall and it is so super simple and easy to create.

To make your ornament twig tree:

Find a branch, thick slice of wood (while my branch was found in my neighborhood the wood slice was from the craft store), drill(always take proper safety precautions!), drill bit, wood glue, vintage or new
Simply find the center of the wood slice, and, using a drill bit as close to the size of the branch, drill a hole. Make sure it goes as least halfway through the wood slice for extra stability. Add a drop of wood glue into the hole and fit in the twig. When choosing a tree branch make sure it is sturdy enough to support your ornaments.


Add a tree branch into a wood round
I decorated my twig tree with a collection of metallic vintage ornaments. I love the juxtaposition of the rustic wood with the sparkly ornaments.


Vintage ornaments on a tree branch

I love using tree branches in decor.


 This was such a quick and inexpensive craft, but it has given this space in our home such a wonderful, festive feel.
Ornaments on a twig tree with gold balls and a picture frame


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  1. You summed it up perfectly, it is an easy and quick craft, and is such a nice little addition to your holiday decor! Where did you find your thick wood slice? I love this and would like to re-create it, but I have never seen the thick slices like this. I am hoping I can before Christmas!

  2. I just received your new book and I am so amazed at the great ideas and the beautiful homes. You are truly a great designer. Thank you for all the hard work that went into your book and blog. Love them all!

    ((WARM HUGS)) Jo

  3. This is so sweet!!! It reminds me of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and I know those always melted our hearts!! Thank you, I may make one! 🙂

    Jane xxx

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