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Outdoor winter party

The one thing I love about raising kids in the Midwest, is  a winter party is not out of the question…they are a hardy lot. The other day I was yelling at Middle to put on a hat and gloves, and zip her coat, because it was only 14 degrees out. She pretty much ran out the door to the car, and I fumed that she didn’t really listen. I did notice however, on our way to school, that every other teenager was dressed the same way, in fact, some of the boys had shorts on. I give up.

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Have an outdoor winter party when the temerpature drops

The nice thing is, with a few extra blankets and a warm fire, even as the temperature dips towards lower double digits, we still enjoy the outdoors. I do have to draw the line at under 25 degrees however. That’s just too cold for me, even with a cozy blanket and a fire. The other day it was negative 6. On those days, I don’t even crack the door if I don’t have to.

Gather extra wood to have ready for a campfire

My kids love it when we have a fire in the pit outside. We always keep some dry wood on hand for last minute fires.


Electrolight firestarter

We used the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter to start our fire pit. You can see how we did it here. It was nice to use because we didn’t need to mess with newspaper or matches.

Fire pit for an outdoor party

Once we had the fire going, it was time to bring out the hot cocoa and hang out. My next house is going to have a fireplace. I would love to be able to enjoy a fire inside as well, when it’s too cold to go out.

Hot cocoa for an outdoor winter party

Enjoying hot cocoa in a blanket for an outdoor winter party


Do you like to hang outside once the temperature dips a bit, or are you in the minute it gets a little frosty? I have to admit, the older I get, the less I like the cold weather!

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  1. The fire pit looks lovely ~ such fun for your family! I’m with you on hiding once it gets down in the 20’s. We still have to walk our dog but then it’s right back inside. Enjoy your fire and Happy New Year!!!

    1. This is so adorable!!!
      Catching up here on this gloomy day and just finding out that YOU opened
      a shop recently! Must come visit your new spot soon! CONGRATS!
      Could not be more thrilled for you, sweet friend.


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