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Christmas Shop Display Views and Catching Up

Hi guys! I have to admit, I thought I would be able to post a lot more this holiday season, but we’ve been really busy at the store with holiday craziness. I know it’s a good problem to have, but I have to admit, I struggle a bit with that. I’m so used to being here all of the time, I’m having a hard time letting somethings go for a bit, I know after the new year, I can get back to being around here a bit more. I really miss hanging with you guys.

Jennifer Rizzo at The Collective lhe + Makery

I struggle with guilt over not being around for my kids as much as I used to, though I have to say, they are doing fine on their own. I am certainly realizing what my limits are. I really thought I was going to be cranking out Christmas crafts along with working in a busy retail store, and posting here all of the time… ha ha ha ha. This is from the files of ” You’re fooling yourself dum-dum.” and “Reality check”. But that’s ok. Sometimes we have to reassess our own limits as life changes.

Holiday store display with Christmas trees and birch logs on a table

I’ve also learned I love  as much as I like to dress up for work, if I have no where to go with the kids afterwards, the first thing I do is go right up to my room and change into some pretty worn-out,gray sweat pants. It’s so unsexy, but it feels really freeing to pull those frumpy , fleece-lined pants on, and tie that string on my waistband. I saw a quote that said “Home is where the bra isn’t.” I have to admit, that’s a pretty accurate statement. Like everyday.

asymmetrical wreath

I am excited to announce that as things slow a bit after the holidays, we have some amazing and exciting things planned we can’t quite share yet, but I feel like I am busting at the gut wanting to tell you. I know I have to wait though. What I can say, as we have gained more experience together, that we’ve been able to hone our direction even more. Many of you have asked about on-line shopping…..stay tuned!

Thank you all for all of your support. I’ve loved that the store has given me real opportunities to meet you and connect with you in-person! Every time you walk through the doors of our little space, it makes me so excited! It’s been such a huge adventure, sometimes I can’t believe that we are really doing this!



  1. The store looks great. Hope I have a good day in the few days she is here from Berlin so we can slip Down to see you. Merry Christmas and a Happy HealthySuccessful New Year

  2. you just gave me goosebumps with the talk of online possibilities!!! Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds!

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