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Paint a Sunflower Easy DIY with One Brush

Sunflowers are one of those flowers that are so pretty and easy to paint! This paint a sunflower easy DIY is for all skill levels, and all you need is one brush to do the entire painting!

how to paint a sunflower tutorial DIY

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Supplies needed to paint this acrylic on canvas sunflower painting are: An artist canvas, a round synthetic brush larger than a size 7, a Acrylic paint colors of choice, the colors used are Burnt Umber, Aloe, Antique Gold, Bright Yellow, Banana Cream, Light Buttermilk, and Snow White. You can find supplies here.

Draw a circle to paint a sunflower

To begin, use your brush and the Burnt Umber paint to paint a rough circle. You can free-hand this or, use something as a guide such as a can or plastic container lid. How big you make it depends on your canvas size or how large you would like your final flower to be. My  canvas is  8 x8 inches and my circle is about 4 inches across. This is going to look crazy in the beginning and by making very easy single strokes will come together in the end to be a beautiful sunflower painting!

Use a round brush to create dark flower petals


Load the round brush with paint, and press the brush to the canvas, placing more pressure in the middle and lifting up closer to the circle. It’s OK if they overlap and don’t look super neat or tidy. This is going to create our layers of petals.

Layer burnt orange paint to create more sunflower petals

Continue around the circle, spacing them kind of evenly… but it’s ok if they aren’t. Once the entire circle has been done, move onto Burnt Orange paint.

Paint the next flower layer with Antique Gold

In this paint a sunflower easy DIY ,let the first two layers of paint dry  slightly. and then paint a layer of petals in Antique Gold. using the same pressing technique to create the sunflower head.


Paint the next layer of sunflower petals a with bright yellow

Add the next layer, and with each layer going progressively lighter in paint colors working though Bright Yellow, Banana Cream, and Light Buttermilk.

Add bright yellow to create a suflower petals

Paint a few white lines as the final layer in Snow White to make a few petals pop,  and let the canvas dry.

Add a layer of Buttermilk in acrylic paint

Once it’s dry, use the brush and burnt umber to paint the center of the sunflower.

Use Burnt Umber to paint the sunflower center

With the very tip of the brush, pick up some white paint and stipple it on  top of the Burnt Umber with the still wet white paint in the center.

Stipple white paint in the center of the sunflower

It works better if the Burnt Umber is still a little wet and mixes a little with the white paint. It makes the center not as harsh looking and softer.

Paint on the exterior of the canvas in Aloe

After the center is completed, use Aloe acrylic paint  to paint around the outside of the sunflower painting.

Easy painted sunflower DIY on canvas

Let the sunflower painting dry completely, and then display!

Easy painted sunflower DIY on canvas

It’s so pretty, that doing a cluster of these in a painting in different sizes would be gorgeous!  I hope you enjoy this acrylic painting sunflower tutorial, and if you make one, please share it with me on social media! I would love to see it! If you love painting  and art tutorials, please check out this how to paint a pumpkin canvas, how to paint clouds,  and a still life paper cut orange bowl.

Sunflower painted pillow by Jennifer Rizzo

You can also find the pillow and art print here if you would like to just buy a version of this painting.



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