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How to Make Snow Globes without Water

I have to admit it, making waterless snow globes is really fun and totally addictive and super fun for Christmas crafts!!! It’s an easy craft to do for both kids and grown ups a like, and they are really fun to decorate for Christmas with year after year. Even shopping for the miniature supplies at the craft stores is fun. If you want to make your won, grab your washed jars with lids headed for the recycling bin (with labels removed) and  check out this tutorial with instructions of how to make snow globes without water below.
DIY diorama snow globes made from recycled jars with minatures

How to make waterless snow globes miniatures such as deer and trees

To make these DIY snow globes, you’ll need:

Recycled glass jars with lids or plastic jars for the kiddos or mason jars
White craft glue or any non-toxic clear glue
Hot glue gun
Miniature figurines like reindeer, snowmen, dollhouse items, mini bottle brush trees, or model train/ snow village decorations
Artificial snow
Little pine cones or other items
White glitter
I found  a lot of what I needed at the Dollar Tree store and Micheal’s, but any craft store has many of these items.
How to make waterless snow globes add glue to the inside of lids of jars
First add white craft glue to the cap of the jar, keeping it slightly away from the edge where the jar will screw back on.
How to make waterless snow globes with things like bottle brush trees glued inside
Set the miniature little embellishments like these cute bottlebrush trees in the wet glue, and arrange them in a sweet scene. Make sure what ever you are going to put in your homemade snow globes that it isn’t too tall or wide to fit in the jar when its screwed back on. Mason jar snow globes are nice to make because they are uniform size and the mason jar lids are nice and wide to create a little vignette in.
How to make waterless snow globes with little dear and a tree inside
 You want to use a slow drying glue for this step so you have time to play with placement. With hot glue, once it’s stuck, it’s stuck.
How to make waterless snow globes with a miniature bench and bottlebrush tree
 I added a little snow on top  and a pinch of glitter and let it dry for 24-48 hours so that moisture isn’t trapped inside of the jar once it’s sealed up. You can add more faux snow and sparkle once it’s dried completely if desired.
How to make DIY snow globe with recycled jars and miniatures like little Christmas decor people and trees
Once the inside is dry, add a bead or two of hot glue and quickly screw it on so it can’t be easily opened.
Waterless DIY snowglobes with little deer and bottle brush trees
And now you have some cute diorama-style snow globes without water that are not only fun to make but are cute additions to your Christmas decor on your mantel or even cute keepsakes.
Jars made into snow globes
In the larger jar, I tried swirling a little glitter in it first and I like how it kind of dusted the inside of the jar with the static cling.
DIY diorama snow globes made from recycled jars with minatures
They are such an easy project and make such a great gift! And If you like this project, you will love how to make a glittery, glowing candle globe!
Diorama waterless snow globes DIY
snow globes made from recycled jars
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  1. This is perfect! I’m planning a birthday party for my daughter, she’s turning two! I didn’t do anything for her first birthday, so I’m trying to do something very special this year. She’s a Christmas baby, 12/25/2012! I want to have her party at the beginning of December, and I think this would be perfect for kids and adults to do together or alone! It’s great!

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