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Elegant and Romantic New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner!  I thought I might inspire you with elegant and romantic New Year’s Eve party ideas! There are many New Year’s Eve Party Themes you can do, but making it elegant can make it feels specail and different and give inspiration to your guests dress! I was going through the edited out pictures from my book, Creatively Christmas, and came across this shoot I did at Traci Tessone’s, owner of the shop Whimsy, The 3 French Hens markets, and amazing event planner. Every event Traci styles is beautiful; she has an amazing eye.  She did most of the styling for her New Year’s party shoot.  These are such elegant and romantic New Year’s Eve party ideas that you can add to your New Year’s Eve celebration to make it special for your guests so let’s light a few taper candles and plan a party!

Elegant and romantic New Year's Eve party idea with a candelabras champagne flutes and fresh flowers


Creating a elegant and romantic NYE party is easy to DIY because many of the items are just about pulling together the party decor. You can even thrift many of the items. This theme is a nice twist and you can still add some balloons, noisemakers and disco balls for the ball drop at midnight. This theme can be a little more intimate and feel a little more special. You can give your guests a dress code such as a Gatsby-themed party, or let them wing it and come as they feel the party vibes.

Start decorating for your countdown by adding special touches to your gathering or dinner party

Do something unexpected with your decorations. Traci set up this beautiful vignette on a vintage wooden sled which not only acted as a riser, but created an interesting backdrop.

Romantic and beautiful party setting with champagne flutes on a silver tray and fresh flowers

Keep drinks, mocktails,champagne and cocktails easy to serve and portioned

As the host, it’s hard to keep up on making sure everyone has enough to eat or drink. Making it accessible and self serve is a way to make your guests feel comfortable. If you are worried about excessive alcohol consumption, consider serving fancy mocktails for the evening.

Love the wine displayed in an urn for a party idea!

Use unexpected serving pieces

Obviously anything for food needs to be in a food safe servicing container, but using this garden urn for the champagne bottles is clever and unexpectedly delightful! I love how she has the wine in ice in an garden urn! I thought it was so beautiful and clever. It had such a rustic but romantic feel!

Romantic tea party idea with flowers and candles

I also loved the use of the glass box for the macaroons. Whether your serving chocolate for dessert, snacks or cheese,planning a menu or putting out a decadent buffet, making the serving dishes special elevates the entire party (as long as they are food safe!).

Sweet Macaroons in a brass and glass box


Use some elements from your Christmas decor like ornaments or tinsel

Traci has just a bit of holiday still out sprinkled in with snowflakes and stars and glittery baubles and ornaments. I kind of like how the macaroons are in a brass and glass box like they are something special. It makes them feel precious.

Love the idea of using mismatched vintage plates for a party!

Use pretty plates to serve on instead of disposable party-ware

I’ve always loved using mismatched vintage plates in a table setting. It takes out the stress of making sure everything goes together. I do lead check mine first before using them. I do lover the beautiful patterns, and your guest’s will appreciate the feel of a real china plate over a flimsy plastic or paper one.

Have a romantic or holiday movie playing in the background

This gives guests something to talk about and have something else going on, especially in the beginning when the party is starting and people don’t really know each other. Try movies like The Family Stone, The Holiday, The Great Gatsby,Love Actually, Christmas in Connecticut or just put The Hallmark Channel on and let it play.

Beautiful flowers and vintage plates

Add some glam with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers always take a room up a notch, especially in the middle of winter. Pair them with a little glitter or sequins, or serve on a silver tray to add some sparkle and glitz.

There are so many New Year’s Eve Party Themes that you can try, if you don’t want a big bash, or something crazy and loud, making it feel elegant with a touch of romance is a great way to bring in the new year! You can visit Traci’s shop here or book her for your next event.

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