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Elegant and romantic New Year’s Eve party idea

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! In fact, I can’t believe Christmas is almost here too! I thought I might inspire you for an elegant and romantic New Year’s Eve party idea!

I was going through the edited out pictures from my book, Creatively Christmas, and came across this shoot I did at Traci Tessone’s, owner of the shop Whimsy, The 3 French Hens markets, and amazing event planner. Every event Traci styles is beautiful; she has an amazing eye. After photographing her entire home,the last thing we did was shoot a small party scene. Unfortunately, while I took a lot of beautiful pictures, I could only share a few in the book. Some of them weren’t quite right with either framing or focus, or there were just better ones. And after pages upon pages of her gorgeous home, we just ran out of room in her section! I thought this would be a good opportunity to share her talents with you. She did most of the styling for her party shoot. I just tweaked them a bit to make them “camera ready”.

Elegant and romantic New Year's Eve party idea

Traci set up this beautiful vignette on a vintage wooden sled.I love how she added the fresh florals. I never think about that for a winter party, but I love how beautiful they are!

Romantic and beautiful party setting with champagne flutes on a silver tray

This shot was a bit out of focus in the wrong spots, but the champagne flutes looked so pretty and sparkly.

Love the wine displayed in an urn for a party idea!

I love how she had the wine in ice in an garden urn! I thought it was so beautiful and clever. It had such a rustic but romantic feel!

Romantic tea party idea

She had just a bit of holiday sprinkled in with snowflakes and stars and glittery baubles and ornaments. I kind of like how the macaroons are in a brass and glass box like they are something special. It makes them feel precious.

Love the idea of using mismatched vintage plates for a party!

I’ve always loved using mismatched vintage plates in a table setting. It takes out the stress of making sure everything goes together. 🙂 this shot is just a bit different than in the book. The other one was angled slightly better.

Beautiful flowers and vintage plates

And I loved the angle on this shot, but after reviewing it,  I decided we needed something on the plate. The sun had also changed and was washing everything out. It was about that time we decided to call it a wrap for the day and ordered pizza and drank some of the champagne. 🙂

Traci’s home was amazing to shoot and she’s a beautiful person. If you live in the Morris, IL area, you should really visit her shop,

I do her holiday market every year and it’s just one of my favorite holiday shows to do!

You can see more of Traci’s home in Creatively Christmas.

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