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Paint your own watercolor note cards and envelopes

I love pulling out the watercolor paints once in a while to make something pretty and useful. I made some pretty watercolor note cards and they were so simple, I thought you would like to learn to make some too.

Paint your own waterolor note cards

On a side note, even though I know you guys are good about catching the typos that slip by me, often I try to Google something to make sure it’s correct so you don’t think I am completely illiterate, and that I did actually graduate high school many years ago. I learned today that notecard and note card are both correct. I google these things because there is nothing more embarrassing than than a typo in a blog post, oh wait, yes there is. It’s making an infographic for that blog post and having it live on pinterest  forever (done that.).

I used two colors, aqua blue and gold.

Even if you’ve never used watercolors before, this is a great beginning project.

Step one DIY watercolor notecards

Load your brush with paint, and keeping it slightly flat, drag it across the surface, wiggling it slightly. Let the paint soak in a bit before doing the next step.

Step 2 DIY watercolor notecards

Repeat with more paint, slightly under where you made your first wavy line. Let dry slightly again.

Step 3 DIY watercolor notecard

Do the same thing for the third line, but as you can see, I left a slight space of white.

Step 4 add gold paint for a DIY watercolor note card

I then added a stripe of gold paint over the white part, and again at the top, following the waviness of the line.

DIY note cards and envelopes

While I let that dry, I repeated it on the side of the envelope.

Make some DIY watercolor notecards

I added some lettering in gold and it’s finished!

How to make DIY watercolor note cards

Wouldn’t that be pretty to get these watercolor note cards in the mail? I think it’s still nice to get letters once in a while.

Mae a pretty agate pattern watercolor note card

I like the shimmer of the gold with the blue and it’s such a simple pattern to complete. Wouldn’t you love to get this in the mail? This is similar to the agate acrylic painting I did a while ago. The full instructions are here.

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