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Painted deck refresh

I recently partnered with HomeRight  to give my old, cruddy deck, a painted deck refresh. I’m not going to lie. Our deck has seen way better days. It was here when we bought our home 17 years ago. We think it’s about 24-ish years old, give or take a few. We’ve replaced boards over time, and stained it a few times, but it has been getting to the point of raggedy-ness. I like weathered rustic, but this had passed rustic and gone into looking full-blown decrepit.  Structurally, it’s safe, it just looked awful. While stain wasn’t going to cut it anymore, porch and deck paint seemed like a good option.

Refreshing and old deck with paint

The biggest task was cleaning it. We used a power washer to get off years of dirt, mildew and grime. There might have also been some paint from someone painting furniture on the deck, and possibly some goop hardened on the surface from the kids slime experiment. We were able to get most of it off.

Using a paint sprayer for the rails on a painted deck


Hubby and I waited for a clear day with not chance of rain, and got to work. Once we started painting, it was actually pretty easy. I might have underestimated how much paint we needed for our old-thirsty deck. Luckily, it was only one trip to grab more paint and not 10 like previous DIY projects. I used the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer on the rails, and it went really quickly.

Old painted deck refresh

We are really happy with how it turned out!

Seating zones in a backyard

Urn and fern display

The deck really cleaned up nicely.

Painted deck refresh with porch and deck paint

Deck flower display

Flowers in buckets on painted deck

I wish we had painted it years ago, for many reasons! It looks so much better, and instead of getting absorbed in and staying wet, the rain actually drains off, and the deck dries.

I swapped the furniture around from this post because the gray chairs kind of were lost as gray on gray.

Back yard brick seating area

You can see how we achieved our full painted deck refresh post here!


This post was sponsored by HomeRight but opinions are all my own.



  1. Your deck looks great! We have to power wash ours and re-stain it every couple of years. Our stain doesn’t look as good as is used to because our deck is getting old. Maybe we will try painting it next time. I love how yours turned out!

    1. Thank you! I am curious to see how it makes it through this next winter. We’ve never had painted deck before.

  2. What kind of paint did you use? I hope I didn’t just miss seeing it in your post.

    And your deck looks amazing!


  3. I painted our old one the same color as the house. It gave it a few more years of life and I loved the way it looked.

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