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Painting Fake Pumpkins to Look More Realistic….

I needed pumpkins in a hurry. That’s why I started painting fake pumpkins. It’s hard  to find pumpkins in August. I needed them for the home tour and went into panic mode. I did find, at the good old Hob lobs, Fall was 40% off. And they had lots of fake pumpkins… Orange pumpkins. I needed them to be all kinds of colors and look real. I decided I needed to paint fake pumpkins to look more realistic.

Paint your fake pumpkins to look realThey were the right size and shape but wrong color. I was going to wing it.

I hit the craft paint aisle, found some great pumpkin-y colors, and started painting fake pumpkins to look just a bit more realistic! I love that they come in a rainbow of colors. The blue -grey pumpkin I primed in off-white and then I coated with Folk arts’s Greenscape 2500 and then did a light dry brush of Folk art’s Sea mist.paint your fake pumpkins to look more real

The green pumpkin got several coats of Folk art’s Sap green and then dry brushed with Italian Sage.

I even mixed  other colors in a bit when they were wet to give it a bit more color variation.

Mix colors to paint fake pumpkins to look real

I put them up on containers to dry so the bottoms of my painted pumpkins  wouldn’t stick. Bottle caps work well for this too.

An once they were dried I sprayed them with a polyacrylic in matte to keep the paint from chipping from use.

make fake pumpkins look real

If you mix them in a display with real pumpkins, no one will ever know the difference!!! Just make sure you out the right ones away at the end of fall. I made the mistake once and had a not so fun surprise in the attic one year.

Miss mustard seed milk paint pumpkins

You can also paint them with milk paint for an awesome look here like Miss Mustard Seed did!

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  1. What a great idea! I would never have thought to paint the fake pumpkins. I’m going to keep this in mind for next year.

  2. Jen, those pumpkins are gorgeous! Yesterday I helped a 3 year old paint pumpkins and it’s surprising how pretty they came out (especially after I spread her paint globs more evenly)

    Come by when you have a moment and see my GOLDEN pumpkin Cinderella carriage Fall decor!
    Painted pumpkins rock!
    I can only take orange in small doses (spray painting a real pumpkin works great!)

    Your bench with pumpkins is so pretty.

    ~ Violet

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