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The perfect cute, white stool……

I’ve been looking for  a cute stool  to use as  a side table next to my swing. I love to sit there, drink my iced tea and read my magazines while the kids terrorize the yard.
I’ve been searching for a while and I fell into some luck when a vendor I am going to be wholesaling for was willing to trade it for some of my goods. 
I have a rosa rugosa rose bush in my yard. I thought they looked so pretty in a vintage white pitcher.
 Even though they have some wicked thorns they smell heavenly.
 I love the weathered patina on the metal.

It supposed to be almost 100 degrees here today. Nothing like going from 30 to 100 in  months time, That’s Chicago for you. I bought the new Sew Somerset and hopefully I am going to get to read it today, sit back, put my iced tea on my stool while the kids splash in the kiddie pool.
Stay cool!
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  1. Well you enjoy your day..sounds like fun for everyone! 🙂
    That stool is perfect and the roses strikingly gorgeous!!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Great little white stool! Perfect for that spot 🙂 Love the roses, too. It’s so hot here in Louisiana, too, girl!
    Have a great time with the kiddos
    Becky C

  3. Awesome stool! Perfect place to enjoy that iced tea & mags. I do the same thing – sit in my patio chair while the kiddoes frolic.
    I love to visit your blog, Jennifer. Huge congrats on the photos shoots and Nada Farm success!
    – Susan

  4. hi Jen-

    I have that exact stool, but it isn’t painted – still the bare metal, but the seat is white. It was from my MIL’s stash of furniture. I liked the stool so much that hubs and I decided to keep it. Like you said -It is the perfect stool.
    My best- Diane

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