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What’s your style?

What’s your style?Do you have a name for it? I find a lot of people, myself included, kind of cross over boundaries from one into another. It’s almost like there are different elements that come together for one look. I think that it’ okay to not put yourself in a box, and discover as you go. Just make sure everything you put in your house, you love. Then you can never go wrong.
Boho living room with modern natural touches

I would maybe call mine modern natural vintage. I love being able to mix everything in together. It makes up who I am as a designer and decorator.
Vintage dresser and mirror
I love old stuff, with just that touch of contemporary. And of course I adore botanical prints and nature.
I love bringing the green in and adding life.
Layered plants and texture for a boho home
 There might be just  a bit of country; and  a little bit rock and roll too.
Dining room with vinage chart
 Something old, something new, something green and a bit of blue.
 And I can’t forget the artist in me either, or my kids.
Kids art on giant chalkboard


 What’s your style and  do you think are elements of your style are?


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  1. I too enjoy old with new but I mostly just go with what draws me to it and what I love, so I guess it’s just my own style and very eclectic you would have to say.~Cheers Kim

  2. I have been trying really hard to figure out my style. I LOVE vintage/retro. Then I love shabby chic. I love bright colors- then I see pastels and love them too!
    It has been difficult to figure this out for some reason.
    ANd I love your style as well!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. I usually think my style is farmhouse, industrial and cottage.
    That sounds like a weird combo. But it works because I love white and metal and I pick and choose. I, too, think about this stuff a lot and wonder sometimes if you were to see my house, how would someone else describe it. Probably differently than I do because I’m never a purest in what I do. Thanks for asking.

  4. Country, Country, Country……it has evolved from the 80’s of course! French Country,Romantic Country,Classic Country with a shabby/victorian twist.

    I NEVER thought I would have leather….but I just bought a cute set on craigslist and mixed it with my rose/vintage/shabbies.

    Lately….because I m sooo into my horse. I m adding equestrian/vintage elements.

  5. I recently took one of those quizzes on HGTV, I believe, and it referred to “my style” as “Old World, Updated…” or something like that. I’m having a lot of fun on Pinterest pulling together my visual ideals for all sorts of projects. Hmmm…I just love the icy blue walls in the photo with the bench!

    Have a great weekend, Jen!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. I love old and new, so I guess I would be vintage-farmhouse-chic, Jen when you have a min come over and see what I did in my kitchen…. Hope you have a great day…


  7. Ooh that’s a tough question. For me it’s French Country with some industrial thrown in….at least I think. 😉
    Happy weekend to you.

  8. Hmm. Well, I’d say simple country/farmhouse but the red vinyl couch with chrome arm rests and matching chair that I so desperately want to get rid of would declare otherwise.

  9. Back to post again… I was in awe of your home then saw the little footnote about the images. You have wonderful taste and an artist’s eye to find these images and I love your choices.
    I call my style “Warehouse Chic” and was lucky enough to have my place featured this past weekend on the “Get the look Decor” storque blog on Etsy!
    I love combining unusual finds, like old lube barrels and metal signs, industrial tables… with crystal and glass!
    thanks for sharing!

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