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Picked daily! A hand-made fresh produce sign by Ella Claire Inspired….

Kristen makes the cutest projects! I just adore this Locally grown produce sign for the garden! She’s here today to share how she made it with you!
I am so glad to be back today to share a little sign I made for my garden! 
I have been on a crazy mission to make my scary backyard into a pretty place for our family to just relax and enjoy each other {see here}. Little by little, I am getting there! 
I wanted to make a cute vintage looking sign to hang out in my garden to add character. 
irst, I grabbed some of the 6″ pickets from the fence we just tore down and cut them to size. It is important to use old or new fence boards, or barn wood, to get the worn, aged look because it has a very rough grain that will show when distressed. I cut 3 of the pickets to 38″. I also cut two boards at 15″ to help hold the other ones together. 
This is what the back looked like once I screwed it all together: 
And here is what the front looked like:
Then I lightly brushed my paint recipe {here} onto the board, not being too careful and keeping a lot of the grooves unpainted. 
Then I used my palm sander to roughen up the entire board. Looking old already!
I painted the design onto my board using a pattern I made and an overhead projector. If you don’t have an overhead projector, you can use my tutorial for the way I would do it before I had one {here}. I just used plain old craft paints that I had on hand, and very small brushes. 
{Here is the pattern if you would like to make one too. Just click on the image below, right click, copy and paste into your own document}
Once I painted everything onto my board, I sealed it with a matte clear spray finish. This step is important because if you skip it and try to distress your letters, the pigment in the colored paint will stain the creamy white areas around it. 
Once the clear coat is dry, I went back and with sandpaper and lightly distressed each letter in my sign by hand. Then I sprayed it with one more clear coat to protect it from the elements. 
I stuck it out here on my newly refinished cabinet next to my garden until I decide where I want to hang it. I am thinking that I will probably hang it on the fence that you can see in the background here. 
I like all of the texture of the distressing. 
 Painting is one of my favorite things to do, and making these signs just puts a smile on my face. And, it is such a great alternative to the really costly, hard to find, authentic antique signs. 
If you make one, I hope you will send me a picture! I would love to see it.
I hope you have a wonderful week,
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  1. Great post – thank you! I just recently picked some picket boards from a neighbor’s throwaways, and now I have an inspiring idea! Looks great!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love the signs. I am working on my porch and backyard as well! Di@Cottage-Wishes

  3. Kristen always writes such great tutorials and generously shares her cute sign designs. I’ve been looking for the perfect vegetable garden sign for my garden, and this is it! Thanks Kristen and Jen. (I featured it today on Friday Finds, too.)

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