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Poinsettias and Paint Online Workshop

I recently taught a painting workshop at Grow Geneva where I led a class through painting a poinsettia on canvas with acrylic paint. It was so much fun and the art work turned out so amazing that I decided to launch it as an online workshop called Poinsettias and Paint starting November 1oth. To see the workshop I just taught and a little about the online workshop, you can see the image below and watch the video that’s with the post.

Poinsettias and Paint online workshop

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Poinsettia painting workshop at Grow Geneva

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We had so much fun at the workshop and I was so impressed by everyone’s art! While you can see how to paint a simple poinsettia in this blog post, but I wanted to teach something on a bigger scale with more detail that could be used as larger mantel art for the holiday season. This online workshop is created in a format so it’s broken down into easy steps, and is for all skill levels, even if you’ve never painted before or are hesitant about painting!

Painting the base layer for a poinsettia
In this workshop, we use a 16 x 20 canvas, and painted it on a black/gray background but this artwork can be scaled to any size canvas. While we use medium and heavy body acrylic paint, you can also use craft paint if that’s what you have. I am all for using “what ya got” when creating.
Painting workshop with Jennifer Rizzo

I always love how everyone starts out in a workshop with the same materials,and by the end, they look completely different by adding their own twist!

Painting dots on a canvas

Registration for Poinsettias and Paint online are now open at the early bird pricing of $9.99. This workshop leads you through creating the same artwork we created in this class. The nice thing is, it’s a create at your own pace kind of workshop,and you have access for two full years! After Thursday, the pricing goes up to the regular cost of $19.99. So make sure to grab your spot and paint along with us this holiday season! You can register here.

Poinsettia painting Workshop at Grow Geneva

I hope you love Poinsettias and Paint and have fun making your own mantel art! For more online workshops, check out A Creative Paper Holiday online workshop.

Poinsettias and paint online workshop Jennifer Rizzo hand using a paint brush to paint red paint on a flower petal
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