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My home tour……Welcome to my home…

Jennifer Rizzo's house tour 2011
Welcome Poppies at Play Parade of home visitors,  and my regular readers!
Thanks for joining me just a few miles outside of the city of Chicago in the ‘burbs.
First, please  join me in our remodeled kitchen. You can take a peek about some exciting news about it here.
Jennifer Rizzo's Kitchen
Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen and hutch
Jennifer Rizzo's hutch
Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen
Jennifer Rizzo
Jennifer Rizzo's butcher block counters
Jennifer Rizzo's house tour 2011
Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen,sink and light
Jennifer Rizzo's thrift store light
Jennifer Rizzo
Then into our breakfast nook.
Jennifer Rizzo breakfast nook
Jennifer Rizzo cozy breakfast nook
Our reading area,
Jennifer Rizzo's Home
   And around the corner into our entryway and main living room.
Jennifer Rizzo's front entry
Jennifer Rizzo stairway
Jennifer Rizzo living room
Jennifer Rizzo Living room
Jennifer Rizzo's house tour 2011
Jennifer Rizzo couch and mirror
Jennifer Rizzo's house tour 2011
And finally  a peek into our master.
Jennifer Rizzo bedroom
Jennifer Rizzo's house tour 2011
Jennifer Rizzo bedroom and nightstand
Thank you so much for joining me on a tour of our cozy, little house! And thank you Andrea for including my house on this wonderful tour of all of these beautiful homes!
Please stop by the next stop at the fabulous
Just a Girl!
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  1. Thank you for the house tour! I so enjoyed all the pretty pictures of your kitchen. I can see why it was photographed for a magazine! Looking forward to seeing it in print.

  2. i just love your home. very welcoming!! i could plop right down on your couch and sink in to all those pillows. i am beginning my countertop/sink campaign. heading to ikea today to get all the facts.

  3. I enjoyed your home tour very much! One of my favorites for sure! I wish I could get that feel in my kitchen. I think I would actually enjoy cooking in a room like that ; )

  4. Beautiful tour!!! Beautiful home!! I love that green bench, your light above the kitchen sink…You have such a great talent of accessorizing without looking cluttered! Love everything!

    Thanks so much!
    Poppies at Play

  5. I want to say thank you! See I love you home and the fact that it is not huge!!! See we moved from Alaska to Indiana about a year ago. Yeah we are talking the big move from a 1850 square foot home that we heated with a woodstove on 10 acres where we grew some of our own food and picked berries which grew wild on our property to 1200 square feet on just under a 1/2 acre surrounded by an organic farm. (which was a blessing in itself as I HATE chemicals!!) But the house has been a challenge as we are a family of 5 who were feeling cramped… but now I have hope when I look at your lovely home. It is calm and serene and inviting! Thank you!!

  6. Oh my goodness! Your home is gorgeous!!!!

    I absolutely love your kitchen, every square inch of it!

    Love that green bench in your entry too!


  7. Your home is beautiful! I like that you have some natural wood pieces of furniture, not everything is painted. I like painted furniture very much but a room full of it tends to be a bit much. I am your newest follower.

  8. Your home is Gorgeous with a capital G! I love the touches of silver everywhere! I have silver in my dining room, but you have inspired me to let it free in other areas of my home! That tray that is above your stove looks like it has feet, if so how did you hang it? I have one similar that I wanted to hang, but wasnt sure how to pull it off. Thanks for sharing your home, providing some great eye candy, and giving me tons of ideas!

  9. Beautiful house! I also live in the NW burbs of Chicago. I don’t have blog but would like to some day (along with a hosue of my own. hence no blog.) I love your decorating style! you have a new follower!!

  10. Your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I would love to hear how you mounted the curtain to your pantry if you wouldn’t mind!!

  11. If I wasn’t already a loyal follower, I would be adding your blog to my list! Such a beautiful home and what I love the most is I can incorporate so many of your ideas in my own home. Thanks Jen!

  12. Wowzers! I LOVE your kitchen {{Well the whole house…but the kitchen is my fave!!}} I think I stumbled ‘accidently’ on your blog a few months ago, but apparently I didn’t follow it..now I did! Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures!

  13. Every single space is so beautiful, Jennifer! I used to think your kitchen was my favorite and I think it still is but I truly love all of your other rooms as well! LOVE that clock and blueish chest at the bottom of the stairs! Can’t wait to see your home in print!

  14. I L*O*V*E your home so much. I have always told you how much I admire your unique style and so glad that other blog readers can se just how talented you are. You’re the best Jen! Take care…..

  15. I add my thanks to you for sharing your beautiful home with us!
    Of course I love it. You have decorated with a lot of the same things that I have chosen for our home ~ white milk glass, blue, green, & loads of white colors. I just purchased that same fabric you have in your bedroom.
    My Best Wishes To You!

  16. Jennifer:

    Your home is just delightful. I love all your great accents and attention to details.

    My favorite room has to be that absolutely wonderful kitchen of yours. I love the island with the wood top. Everything has an elegant touch, but at the same time it is warm and welcoming.

    So nice to visit your home,

    Starview Sonnet

  17. Jennifer,
    I am in LOVE with your kitchen, well actually the whole house! I am so stealing/borrowing that silver platter over the stove idea. I love the juxtaposition of the shabby white & chippy paint with the shiny silver. Great job! Lisa

  18. jen your house is beautiful! i love your breakfast nook it’s perfect! LOVE the mirror in there too so pretty!! thanks for sharing it with us! susan

  19. Oh Jen. I don’t know where to begin girl!!!! Everything…I mean absolutely everything is so beautiful!!! What an amazing transformation you have given your home this last year ~ it looks like a truly peaceful haven to me….thank you so much for all of the photos, IT’S GORGEOUS!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  20. Every room is just beautiful. If you were my friend I’d be at your house every morning for coffee just to take it all in 😉

    I was wondering what color butch block you went with for your countertops. IKEA has three choices I think and I am feeling like their colors on the web may not be true to shade in person. I think the warm tone of your is just right.

    Also, did you do nothing other than oil them? I have heard people talking about waterlox….

    Thanks for your help! -Sarah

  21. Hi Jenn!
    So pretty!
    I love your kitchen nook and love your cabinets that reach to the ceiling. So English! Your creamy dreamy whites mixed with the warm earthy wooden tones are gorgeous.
    We will have to plan a house tour with each others’ homes one day!
    Would love to see yours in person.
    You are so clever and creative!

    Beautiful tour,
    thanks for sharing.

  22. Hello! I absolutely adore the pendant lighting over your kitchen sink. I am looking for one just like that… where did you find it? Is it antique?

  23. What are the colors you used on your cabinets and wall in your kitchen? I have a similar color on my walls, but am struggling finding the right color for the cabinets.
    Can you please email me?

  24. I am in love with that light fixture hanging over your sink. Where did you purchase???

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