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Retail Store Display With a Camping Theme

We closed the doors Saturday at the shop after hundreds of trick or treaters, and flipped the store from fall to holiday decor.  I want4ed to do a holiday decor with a camp theme. My mom, and the girls worked hard  and unpacked boxes while we tagged and arranged. It was an 8 hour marathon of holiday decorating. I know we ordered a lot, but I have to admit, for a while it seemed kind of endless. We also ordered the stuff so long ago, that each box was like a new and exciting adventure when we opened it. Long after my mom and the kids left, we unpacked the last box around midnight, and cleaned the floors and headed home about 1 am. Even though it was a really long day, I was really glad to have it done. Coming from blogging, and now the retail world, it always amazes me how early we have to start getting ready for the holiday season. It’s not even Halloween yet! I grabbed these pics with my phone, I’ll share some better pics with the good camera later.

Christmas decor at The Collective lhe

I took a few pictures of the shop for you to peek at.  I have to admit, I am slightly sore from all of the ladder climbing and lifting to get the store ready. In the next few weeks I’ll be doing the same thing at home to get ready for the holiday housewalk.

Camp Christmas at The Collective lhe

We decided to go with the theme “Camp Christmas” this year.  It was fun to pull it together and build a tent out of birch logs and buffalo check fabric.

Holiday vignette at the Collective lhe

It was fun to pull cute holiday decor vignettes together.

Boxwood wreaths at The Collective lhe in Lisle,IL

We ordered lots of boxwood and pretty greenery.

Holiday decor at The Collective lhe

We still have more coming, but at least we feel like we have a head start on it. Are you an early Christmas person, or do you like to wait until after Thanksgiving  to put your decor out?



  1. The shop looks lovely and it’s easy to see you have all worked hard and done a beautiful job. For me there’s no Christmas decorating until first weekend in Dec. Late to some but all the “stuff” just gets to be too much. Like seeing it other places just not day in and day out at home.

  2. Jennifer,
    While I always wait or shall I say “restrain” myself from putting out any Christmas décor until after the Thanksgiving holiday, I do plan, collect and shop ahead of time. This way I don’t feel so rushed or risk things being sold out. I also might be guilty of going back and looking at past holiday house tours to get ideas too!

    BTW…when is your Holiday House Walk this year? I always get so much inspiration and ideas from your holiday tours.

  3. Wow, what a great job! Your shop certainly looks like a Christmas Wonderland. I am amazed that you accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Perhaps you and Autumn each have a wee bit of Christmas elf in your genes! In between all the fun, I do hope that you are allowing for some down time, so that you can make it through the holiday season without exhausting yourselves.
    As to when to break out the Christmas decor, that varies. When we had young children at home I worked full time so we tried to have it done by the first week in December. Now that we are much older, it is harder to get out those totes and boxes, so we are lucky to get the tree up and fully decorated. I truly miss the days of whole house Christmas decoration, Nowadays I get my holiday decor fix from all you young bloggers and Instagrammers! Keep up the good work!

  4. I have a few things out before TG but wait to go full blast until the TG weekend is here. I did do the baseline lights in the shrubs already to start with light accents next week. Love “Camp Christmas”

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