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The Second Edition Of What I Say On Facebook

As promised, here are a few more “gems”  of  what I say on Facebook …It’s never a dull moment, but I have to admit, without my kids, I wouldn’t have this kind of comedy gold. This firs tone is actually one of my favorites, because it was so random…

She said on FB Jennifer Rizzo

And then there is just the every day craziness.

Things I say on Facebook Jennifer Rizzo


Things I say on Facebook Jennifer Rizzo sept


funny things said on Facebook

And this one was recently the best gem of all. Due to very recent door slamming by oldest, her door knob started sticking. Finally,hubby told her not to shut it all of the way until he could look at it. Well, she decided that night was the night to pretty much ignore that.

What I say on Facebook my crazy family

After 20 minutes of trying to coach her on how to take the hinges off from her side, I ended up popping the trim off to get to the plate, and open the door. At the same time, the younger two who share a bedroom, decided they could no longer stand each other.  I hear my linen closet door open and close, and insults going back and forth in the next room. I finally get Oldest out of her room, and I walk into this.

my crazy family on Facebook

So, if you ever stay at my house, you just might get to  experience the insanity first hand. But, fair warning, you might not get any sheets to sleep on, or be able to close the door.


  1. If these are really true I love you even more!!! I’ve often said people on blogs usually only let the readers see one side of their life – the perfect, tasteful side. We don’t see the piles of dirty laundry, food stuck in the sink, or things like this. I loved every one of these, and it’s great to see there’s another, real side of you!!! These are hilarious.

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