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Shop Our Patio Makeover and Rattan Boho Patio Furniture

Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments and feedback on our new patio/deck space! We are really enjoying it, It’s one of those things we wish we had done sooner! I had questions about resources for our boho rattan patio furniture and accessories, and I wanted to give you a closer look at a few things, and give you a few more details!

Add cushions to seats on Rattan chairs from Target for comfort or upgrade seating

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I was having a hard time finding outdoor furniture when I came across these chairs and settee from Target.

Boho rattan chairs and patio furniture from Target

For boho rattan patio furniture, they were the perfect size for us and had the flexibility we needed. The only issue I had was that they didn’t come with cushions and I didn’t like any of the ones They had. I looked all over for cushions, Ikea, Pottery Barn, Wayfair…I finally found ones that I loved at Walmart on-line! I thought they were really reasonable too!

I had ordered pillows, but I ordered them a little later than I should have so they didn’t arrive on time. I’ll show you those when they come in! You can find them here, and here.

Half Circles Pillow by Jennifer Rizzo

Balanced Shapes throw pillow by Jennifer Rizzo

One of the things I am super excited about are the solar powered lights!  Since we don’t have any electricity in that part of the yard, I searched all over and finally found some on Amazon that looked great and had great reviews.

Edison bulb vintage style outdoor solar powered lights

I like them a lot, but my biggest complaint is that they have to be turned on to charge, and then they automatically come on. That would be fine,except we have them in  a part of the yard we don’t want lit up every night. It would be nice if that charging was separate from the off/on.

Back patio area with hanging plant

In the very back on the fence area, I added a plant in a macrame hanger,  and potted up a Hosta section. I am thinking about adding a large plant to the ceramic pot, but kind of like how it looks empty under the cart. The mirror was bought a few years ago at Target. I don’t think they have it anymore, but here is a similar one on Amazon.

Vase and succulent in white ceramic pots on outdoor patio

The vase and succulent are on a DIY table. I love white vases, and moving them between indoors and outdoors. I do put them away if I know a storm is coming though.  I clipped a small branch from our Japanese Maple to fill this one. I loved the red color. The smaller pot with succulent is actually from Home Depot! Sometimes Home Depot Surprises me!

We built all four tables, so I have some fun DIY’s to share with you later.

Outdoor patio seating idea


I hope you liked this closer look around. We are off to enjoy more of our patio space!


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