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Flower Arrangements in Vintage Blue and White Canisters

One of my favorite things to do is wander around my yard and snip bits of flowers and shrubs to build a homegrown bouquet.  I’ve been purposely planting things in my yard that have color all spring and summer long. Recently, I rediscovered some vintage finds I had bought a while ago, and then tucked away. In the mix were blue and white vintage canisters with the words coffee and tea painted on them in French ( CAFE and THE). It was kind of like Christmas to unwrap them! I knew I wanted  to use them in a non-traditional way, and decided that flower arrangements in vintage blue and white canisters would be the perfect way to re-purpose them!

VIntage French Tea and Cafe canisters

They were one of those finds that when I saw them, I swooped in and grabbed them right away! I carefully put the lids away for a later time. I love these canisters because they have such an “Anthro” feel to them.

Lid of a vintage of a blue and white vintage canister

I filled them with water to make sure they didn’t leak. Once I was sure they were water-tight, I went out into the yard to snip a few untamed bouquets.

Yellow Yarrow in the garden

I think yard and wildflowers make the best bouquets! You can see a few “recipes” here to make your own bouquets from more common flowers. I was going to do really big mixes of flowers, but when I looked at the canisters, I didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the simplicity of them.

Spirea bush in the garden

I settled on the last of our late blooming Lilacs in the THE canister.

Vintage french tea THE canister blue and white upcycled for a flower vase

Because there weren’t enough lilacs for two, in the CAFE canister I put a little mix of yellow Yarrow and Spirea.

Yarrow and spirea in vintage french coffee canister

Here, Yarrow is a perennial flower that does well in full sun here, and Spirea’s are easy to grow shrubs that I love to clip over and over. Their new growth sometimes comes in a different color than the old growth, and I love using it in arrangements.

Flower arrangements in vintage blue and white canisters


Vintage french The and Cafe canisters blue and white

I love the look of the blue and white for an early summer mantel. To me, almost anything that will hold water can be a vase and these flower arrangements in blue and white canisters add such a nice pop of color; I am going to build the rest of the mantelscape around it.

Yarrow and lilac flower arrangements

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  1. This is so pretty, Jen. I ordered a canister online once and it came with a broken lid. Rather than return it, it’s now one of my favorite vases. Oh, and it’s blue & white!

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