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Soundwave Dowel Rod Abstract Modern Wall Art

The family room wall that we recently painted black and added the living plant wall is just so cool and different, and I love it night at the TV blends into the wall. The issue we have in our home is that because of where the front door is, we can’t center the TV on the wall (which makes me a little crazy.). That’s how it is and these older homes right? You’re kind of making everything work as you go. I really wanted a cool piece of art for next to the TV to kind of fill that space, and I wanted some thing that would pop out. I decided it might be kind of fun to make a soundwave dowel rod abstract modern wall art piece. I had this idea in my head and I wasn’t sure how ti was going to turn out, but I’m glad I gave it a try, because I just love it!

Soundwave modern wood dowel rod art


This project is so inexpensive and so much easier than you think! To make this project, you need some wood lath, craft dowels,and hot glue. The dowel rods were  just .39 cents a piece! It just took me a little bit of time to figure out how to make the sound wave pattern.

I know the first thing you’re going to ask me how do you get the sound waves. This is so much easier than you think.  You can watch a video here of the process of making the dowel rod art itself, or skip below to the rest of the post.

Hot glue dowel rods to wood lath

Many of us have a voice memo app on out phones where we can dictate, or know someone who does. Start by dictating whatever word or phrase you want into the voice memo app ( mine is standard on my iphone.)… I decided to do “The Rizzo Family”. You could do any word or phrase, like “I love you”, somebody’s name, or a wedding anniversary date, a birthday, or a phrase that you mean something your family.

How to find your sound recording

Once you dictate that phrase go into EDIT the sound voice memo. You will see what your voice memo looks like with the sound waves.

How to find soundwaves in your iphone

Screenshot that image and that will be your template for creating the pattern of soundwaves for your wood dowel rod art.

How to make soundwaves for art

From there it’s just cutting the dowels and gluing to your piece of lath.

Mark out lines for soundwave art

The only part I found a little bit tricky was spacing. I used 36 inches of 1 1/2 pine lath as my base. I am not a math person… that’s why I’m an artist.  To measure how much space between each dowel, decide how long you want your piece of art and cut your lath to that length. Count out the number of dowels that you’ve cut. Divide the number of dowels into the inches of length of your laugh and that is how far apart your towel should be spaced. Mark the lath with a pencil so you can easily follow the pattern when gluing.

Hot glue dowel rods to wood lath

That’s it! after I glued all my wood craft dowels, I drilled two little holes on each end and then applied it to the wall that way with two small nails. It’s not very heavy, so saw tooth hangers would also work on the back.

Soundwave wood dowel modern art

This is such a cool expensive modern piece of art  made with wood craft dowels, that I know you’ll have as much fun with that is I did! What a great gift to for someone who gets married, right?

 modern art made of wood dowel craft rods andsoundwaves

I let you in on a secret, after putting the art up. I actually liked it better upside down, so in theory, the words are actually backwards on my wall.

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Wood dowel rod modern art