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Spring quote printable

Inspired by some awesome weather, I have a spring quote printable for you!

Today, we actually hit almost 60 degrees which is a total fluke for Chicago! I almost felt like getting some shorts on. Only in Chicago.The kids didn’t even want to wear their coats this morning. I had to remind them it was still February and not May.

Hubby and I took a walk through our local arboretum, which seemed like a great idea at the time. There as a light,sweet scent on the air as we walked, and we kept saying smelled so fresh. My guess it is the dried grass, but after being cooped up all winter,with a combination of the warmth and the shining sun, it was just beautiful.On the main lake, wind blew the water  around under the ice, so it was almost like a really cool show with the free-form patterns!

Unfortunately,it was also super windy and at times, the trees were whipping around so violently, I was afraid we were going to be killed by a dead-fall. After about a mile and  a few too many snapping branches overhead, we high-tailed it back to the car.

I will admit though, it put me in the Spring mood! I am ready for leafy, budding trees,gardening and flowers. Even though today and tomorrow really are odd occurrences with warm, sunny weather this time of year, we’ll be back to normal temps and cooler weather next week,Boo!!!!!! But I am going to enjoy this weather while we have it!!

This Spring printable is something that if you are ready to add some of that bright and fresh flair to your home, you can print up, slip in a frame, and enjoy!

Free spring quote printable -spring quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Just right click with your mouse to save as a picture.

I am hoping for an early Spring this year.

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