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Stacked Faux Fireplace Pumpkin Display

One of the parts I struggled with when styling my mantel for the Wagner contest ( you can still vote for me by liking my picture on their IG page here) was what to put at the bottom, where the hearth would be. Since It’s not a real fireplace, I don’t have any kind of  step to display on. It took some trial and error, and running out to get my faux pumpkins from this front porch post to get it where I wanted it at to create a stacked faux fireplace pumpkin display.

Spooky Halloween Faux Fireplace idea with bats and pumpkins Jennifer Rizzo

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I’ve found when I am doing a design job with a client, or even just something in my own home, it helps to snap a quick picture with my phone. It’s a great tool to see how things look through the camera lens.

Chair in front of faux fireplace Halloween mantel

I originally had a chair in front with some fall-ish pillows, and it just felt like there was way too much attention on the chair, and not the mantel itself. I also felt like the grey chair didn’t really go that well.

Pumpkins in a basket and lanterns for a faux fireplace decorating idea

That’s when I pulled the chair out and started bringing in my pumpkins and lanterns from outside. I also pulled a vintage suitcase from out of storage, and a basket I had used last year for display on our coffee table for our fall decor last year.

Wood stool with a pumpkin for fall decorating idea

I pulled a stool I use as a plant stand, and put a mix of faux and real pumpkins around it. One of the questions I get all of the time is how I make my faux pumpkins look so real. I actually paint them! I did a post on it, and you can see that here.

Faux and real pumpkins mixed and stacked  together for a fall faux fireplace decorating idea

Once I started creating my stacked pumpkin display and bringing in the lanterns, it all fell into place.

Faux mantel decorating idea with pumpkins, lanterns and bats and stacked pumpkin display

I stacked at mixed the pumpkins, and then added some fun paper bats, I have a template here so you can make your own.

Spooky tree branches and paper bats for a Halloween decorating idea


I have a post coming on how I made the spooky tree branches. It’s so much easier than you think!

Just catching up? See how I made the drippy candelabra, and the embossed canvas art and see the entire mantelscape.

And, add some fall to your decor with my fall pillow and home decor designs.

Jennifer Rizzo Blue Pumpkin PIllow for Fall



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