Stairway makeover before and after….

When we did our kitchen remodel, the big question was “where do we stop?” One thing I knew was I really wanted to pull the 14 year-old carpet off our stairs and refinish them.
 We were lucky that  there were oak treads already underneath. We did stop at the top step though and just turn the carpet under. It was a hard decision, but with doing the top tread it was like, “then do we do the hallway..? then do we do then bedrooms..?” We had to draw the line some where for now. It’s too easy though to let one project bleed over into the next when you are remodeling.
We had them stained to match our floors. I had been dying forever to do chair rail up the sides and I finally was able to get one side done this weekend.
  I knew it was the perfect spot to hang my girl’s pictures.
Stariway makeover with painted risers and stained treads
  And I am trying to decide now if I am going to do either beadedboard or board and batten up the side.
 It took me  a bit (of swearing) and wrestling to figure out the angle cut. Though like my father-in-law says, “putty and paint make me the carpenter I ain’t.”
 I hung part of my vintage pocket watch collection. I love these and you can find them do affordably on Ebay.
I am so glad I have one more thing to finally mark off my list.
fun halloween stairs
Love the dresser and clock combo
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  1. Hi Jennifer – on the third picture, with the finished chair rail, is the rail parallel to the stairs? It looks like it isn’t but it could always be the perspective.

  2. Love it! I painted mine all white. We had crummy builders stairs, but they get so dirty everyday. I would love to stain them dark. Maybe I will just distress them so they are supposed to look worn, tee hee. Your rail looks wonderful.

  3. This is our plan for our stairs–and it WILL get done in 2011, so help me God! :-p I think we’ll have to create new treads, though.

    I love how the chair rail looks. I think that would break up our long narrow stairway walls really well. What a great job you did!

  4. Wow…you did a great job!!! Looks like your stairs are much like ours..I call them hidden stairs(lead into the kitchen) Enjoy your day!

  5. smart move I think, doing the top tread like that instead of doing the WHOLE floor….it looks great!

    and I would choose picture molding (lol)

  6. Love the wood on the stairs, Love the chair rail…just did that last month in my long boring upstairs hall with picture frame paneling ~ although I did NOT do it myself! (so impressed that you did) Love your father-in-law’s saying! But I will paint it myself, I think and then will do a show and tell. Still not as cool as yours you did YOURSELF!

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