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Styled Boho Decorative Wood Panel Deck Wall Makeover

Last week, I shared with you the progress we made in building our boho decorative wood panel on our deck to camouflage our old aluminum siding. Once it was up, I was able to do the fun part which was styling it. I made the Staghorn Fern plaques, and I also created some kokedama live plant moss balls as accents. I re-potted large plants in pots from around our yard and hosue to give it a cozy boho feel.  Here’s a look at at the panel before styling.

A decrative wood panel for on the deck

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Here is the after! For the deck wall makeover, I pulled a chair over from the other outdoor seating area, and a concrete side table I’ve had for years.

Styled wood panel on back deck with boho hanging light and plants

I found the LED hanging solar light at Target on clearance a few weeks ago. I should have bought 2! It charges all day, and then adds a nice bit of cozy light in the evening. if they bring them back next year, I’m going to grab a few.

Back patio area with boho styling and plants in large white pots

I like how it lights up the new area. We have some skunks that occasionally show up and it’s nice to be able to see the edge of the deck just in case. I love how solar lights have come so far. We are really enjoying our solar string lights in our gazebo area.

Balanced shapes geometric pillow and wood panel deck wall makeover privacy wall on the deck

 For the deck wall makeover, I tried two different pillows on the chair with the existing cushion. One is black and white with geometric shapes.

Wood privacy panel on deck with plants and boho styling

The other pillow is called Pattern of Boho Plants.  I like both, but I like the black and white one better. I moved the other two Pattern of Boho Plants pillow to our lounge chairs where they look perfect against the navy cushions!

Navy and grey lounge chairs with boho tropical plant pillows by Jennifer Rizzo

I really love how the Staghorn Ferns look on the deck wall panel makeover! They add a really nice natural touch. If you missed that DIY or want to find the supplies to make them, see it here.

Staghorn ferns mounted on a wood panel and wood plaques

I am not sure how fast they grow, but I’ll put them on a bigger plaque when they outgrow these.

Staghorn Ferns on Wood plaques

I re-potted some of my indoor plants in large ceramic pots. The little olive tree seemed very happy to have more room to grow, and I divided up the sanseveria into two pots.

Tropical plants in white ceramic pots for deck decor

I grouped the plants in 3, because 3-5 is the magic number for decorating when styling and creating displays. To find out more about creating displays for shows and markets, check out this post. I hope you loved this wood panel deck wall makeover! Hopefully, our next project will be repainting the deck itself! To see more about our deck, you can see when we originally painted it.









  1. That looks great! Be careful with the potted plants on a deck. My husband just needed to do a ton of repairs with his friend on a deck, before they sold their house. She had pots, most even had saucers, but every post that had a pot next to it had rotted underneath, and those up against the house as well. The wood just can’t dry out. Looks like yours are not in those spots, but it’s hard to tell in the styled close ups. Just thought I’d pass that on. Looks great, and the light and shadows are beautiful too.

    1. Thank you Cindy! It’s a good reminder to move the pots around too so they don’t cause rotten spots on the deck!

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