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Easy table top decorating with the display rules of 1-2-3 …..

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be a part of the How to Decorate series hosted by Home Stories A to Z 

with Beth and 23 other amazing bloggers! Welcome if you’re coming over from the super-awesome Lindsay’s blog!

How to decorate

Do you ever have problems putting things together? Do you struggle with creating cohesive displays and vignettes? This is the post for you! Today I am going to show you how to create pretty and cohesive display using the display rules of 1-2-3! And I’ll show you step by step with a bunch of examples too!

Easy table top decorating with the dispay rules of 1-2-3

The first thing you need to do before you start is clear your surface and make  a completely  blank canvas.

creatie easy diplays and vignettes

I am using my front hall entry table as an example. Once you’ve cleared your surface,add your back drop if you want one. It can be either  a picture or a large platter or something similar.

create easy displays and vignettes step 1

Then pick things that seem like they might go together, that have some kind of relationship and then start using your display rules!

1. Pick something tall to put on one side


2. Add something medium to the other.

Create easy dosplays and vignettes step 3

I chose a stack of books and a candle

3. Pick something small for your third item.

how to create easy displays and vignettes

And there you go! Your display is done. How easy was that?

And see how it still looks good when I swap out items?

DIY creating displays

So easy, right?

I’ll show you again. Here’s my backdrop.

to create an easy display start with a backdrop

1. Tall

start to create an easy display by adding something tall

2. Medium 3.Small

Create an easy display by usng a trio of related items

And here’s if I swap out items of roughly the same height.

use metallics to brighten up a space

and again…pretty flower display vignette

Or if I remove the backdrop

simple display with flowers

and then add a new one.

flower diplay

and I’ll swap out somethings again, same backdrop.

Use metallics ina display to brighten it up

See how it is so versatile?

pretty tabletop display using nature

In fact here’s  some stuff from my kitchen and fridge to prove it!

kitchen items on display

and FYI. this is hubby’s jelly. I am a strawberry girl all the way.

I hoped this helped you see how easy it is to put together displays. One a large item like  fireplace mantle or buffet, just repeat the rules on a large basis, always grouping your items in 3’s, tallest on the outside.

Head over next to the amazing Heather and Vanessa’s for the next stop and you can start the entire tour from the beginning at Beth’s.

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  1. This is amazing. Found this on Pinterest and I think you are my new favourite blogger! This rule is amazing, can’t wait to try it! You’re home is beautiful. Very inspiring!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been trying to arrange a little table in our hallway for a week now and couldn’t figure out how to make anything work. This will definitely help out a lot!

  3. Thank you so much for display examples! I always struggle with putting things together. Now I’m gonna go put it to practice. 🙂

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