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Summer dinner feast…

When it’s just mom and the kids, who feels like cooking a whole flippin’ dinner on a hot night?

Not me.
That’s flippin’who.
So it was picnic-time out in the gazebo al-fresco style.
They thought it was fun, I thought it was brilliantly lazy.

Watermelon, raw milk cheddar, free-range hard boiled eggs from my good friends chickens, and pasture butter on some very non-organic but oh-so-yummy fresh baked, chewy french bread from the supermarket.
I did give in with full sugar, powdered drink mix lemonade. I secretly crave it during the summer. I could drink a gallon of it. A girl’s gotta live it up. Right?

Cheese, eggs, bread, butter,watermelon, and fake lemonade, all the major food groups covered.
a perfect dinner for little hands to pick up.

and bite into.
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  1. sounds absolutely delightful!! i do believe stove need to be outlawed during summer months…the husband is not so sure about this.. ;0)

  2. i totally get not eating big in the summer. plus i dont really like to cook, so your meal is perfect. that bread – oh man!!

  3. Hi Jen,
    This is Dore who paints the signs you loved sanctuary bird sign of mine. I am inspired by your fun meal, how I miss being a carefree kid did we worry about what we ate or how much? Never!!!
    See you soon!
    PS. Check out my etsy and i do custom orders.
    I will be back soon for more inspiring cyber meals πŸ™‚

  4. Right now, I have a glass of KoolAid lemonade beside me. I slice lemons and place them inside my glass pitcher and I defy anyone to guess it’s not real lemonade. (especially after they swallow a lemon seed) lol

  5. that looked so good that i immediately went to the grocery to buy french bread & brie. came home, got busy & totally forgot about it.

    and the only thing day old french bread is good for is french toast or croutons!

    i love summer!

  6. Absolutely perfect and healthy to boot! ‘Course you need the lemonade…girl’s gotta keep her energy up.
    When the kids were small, one of our favorite meals was to eat boiled shrimp outside on the pool deck and get all messy doing it! You didn’t just prepare a simple meal…girl, you make a memory!

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