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Updated Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Bathroom makeovers don’t have to be expensive. This cabinet is one of those vanities that fits the space perfectly, it was in great shape,and I don’t know if I would be able to find something that fit so well with such great storage. I swear they built the bathroom around it. It was a good time for a bathroom cabinet makeover.
UPdate a dated cabinet witd paint and handles

 It’s a cozy space, in fact that is my knee in the lower right-hand side as I sit on the toilet to take the first picture with my phone.
DIY is so sexy sometimes. Please excuse the mess, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I am  super-messy painter. I always have a lot of clean up after. 🙂
Paint a cabinet and add new handles for and instant update
Here’s a few better ones with my camera.
I patched the old handle holes with wood putty, sanded the entire cabinet,primed  and then did one more fill and then painted. You can see here a trick on filling in those old knob holes here.
 I then drilled my holes for the new knobs before I painted for the last time, and gave everything a quick sand.
Make a cabinet look like new wit paint and handles
I considered using my buttering in technique to fill in the wood carvings, but I kind of liked how they looked painted.
Once it was dry, I put the knobs on. I found these really great ones at Home Depot.
Use fancy handles to make a cbainet look new and updated
 I love these knobs with the drop handles. I want to find some place to use them in my own home.
Painting an old bathroom cabinet and adding new handles gives it a whole new look.
 I am going for a bit of modern cottage in this house, I love that this piece is black. I think black is coming back, so I can’t wait to show you the bathroom finished in it’s entirety! I know my client’s are thrilled with it.
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  1. I rehabbed and flipped houses when I lived in Seattle. We bought houses that were foreclosed and they were absolute disasters. We ripped kitchens down to the drywall (because kitchens were always the worst rooms), however, in bathrooms, I made every attempt to save bathroom vanities whenever possible. It is amazing what a cleaning and a coat of paint can do! Love what you did with this one. The new handles are fabulous!!

  2. Jen
    What a difference some paint and elbow grease can do! The vanity looks beautiful. You are zipping along on that home. Loving all your touches.

  3. Now was this just paint or did you sand, primer & paint. I read done where rustoleum was a huge project of lots of different coats. Can you explain more of what you did.

    Thank you.
    Dee dee

    1. HI Deedee, I filled the holes, sanded, primed and then painted. It’s just a regular latex rustoleum paint.

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