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Faux Twine-Wrapped Pumpkin DIY

I love the rustic look this Fall, and I made this cute, twine-wrapped pumpkin.  How cute would a few other these be on a porch or stairway? It just took twine and rope, some bendable wire, hot glue, burlap ribbon, and a couple of pine cones from the yard to turn an ordinary little fake pumpkins from the craft store into this cutie.
Twine wrapped pumpkin DIY on a faux fake pumpkin

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Fake pumpkins are so versatile and have to much potential, including painting them to look a little more real. For this project, I used a $5 craft store faux pumpkin to make this twine-wrapped pumpkin.
aux pumpkin makeover with twine wrapping
For this project use either super tacky glue, or a low melt hot glue gun. Faux pumpkins are Styrofoam and can melt, so I always apply the glue to the rope or twine and not the pumpkin itself.
Hot glue rope to faux pumpkin for rustic fall decor

To wrap my faux pumpkin in twine,  I started at the stem with my heavy twine from the hardware store and just glued and wrapped right under the stem. I twirled and glued and wrapped all the way down. Once I was past half way, I flipped it over and continued on to the bottom.

Use wire to create a faux pumpkin stem
To create a  longer bendy-type stem, so I took some black wire I had, and bent it into a stem-ish shape.Since the pumpkins are some kind of foam, I just stuck it in a glued it  a bit to hold it in place.
Wrap smaller twine around the wire stem tto create a longer fake stem that bends
I started wrapping the wire and base in another size and color of twine for contrast.
Glue pine cones to twine and rope wrapped pumpkin fior rustic fall decor
 Once I got up tot he top, I just kept wrapping and gluing until I got the size and texture I wanted.
I tied on a bit of burlap ribbon and glued a few pine cones we had and viola!
Twine wrapped pumpkin DIY on a faux fake pumpkin
 A cute little, twine wrapped pumpkin, ready for a Fall mantle and some stray leaves!
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  1. Jen,
    Love this idea! I am not sure what I am doing for fall this year.My home is much different than it was a year ago.How to you create a break in your post.Is that what you are doing to make it harder for your content to be stolen.I am trying to figure out how to do that.

  2. Oooooohhhh….how cute it that! 🙂 I just love it! I’m kind of confused about the trunacate thing, I have never even heard of this-popped over to the site you referenced and read through—will try n read some more about it. I don’t quite have neat tutorials like this, so am not too sure I need to be worried.

  3. Love the pumpkins…such a neat idea! I’m so excited for fall!!

    Sorry to hear you’ve had content stolen too. I’ve been reading quite a few bloggers who’ve had the same promblems. I’m wondering how you’ve found out the blogs that have stolen your content. Since I’m a small blogger, and don’t have project tutorials, etc., I don’t think they’d ever bother with me. But, I’m curious nonetheless.

  4. Your twine pumpkin is so cute, what a great idea! I always lose my battle with HGG too! Too bad that there are people out there who ruin a good thing, seems to always happen doesn’t it. Glad you are taking measure to protect yourself. Take care sweetie!

  5. Your site is like the 3rd one this week that has discussed ‘truncating’. Whatever it is clicking a few extra links here and there is no biggie. It’s more fun reading the actual blog rather than a feed anyway =D
    BTW: LOVE this crafting idea. It’s looks fun and quick. Only question is: do you remember what size (diameter) sisal rope you used??

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