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Update furniture with wood embellishments

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

A wood chuck would chuck all the wood if a wood chuck only could…

One of the best gifts my Gram ever gave me was a box of these vintage wood embellishments that  she had had moldering in the basement of  her 1900’s era two flat in Chicago. When we moved her out she said I could throw them out or have them. I didn’t need them and this was before I did anything with furniture so I have to admit, I almost threw them out! Thank goodness instead I stuck them in a corner of my laundry room and forgot about them.. ! When I finally came across them again it was like finding a buried treasure… I’d love to say they are  fantastic memory of my Gram, but since she’s still kicking and crocheting  at 98, I am lucky enough to still have her around.
You can really update furniture with wood embellishments! I have been working on how to duplicate them with mold maker because I don’t want to use them…but I do love using store bought ones. I think they can really make a piece feel even more upscale for next to nothing.

You can find some at Micheal’s, Home Depot, Menard’s and a great on-line site called Van Dykes Restorer’s.

They have some nice big ones and fantastic corbels’ as well.

I think they just add a little something extra.

While it’s best to apply them to bare wood for adhesion, it’s as easy as roughing up the(glossy) surface you are going to apply them to with the roughest sandpaper you can find…

Apply wood glue ( love Gorilla Glue) on the applique and  a bit where you are going to glue it to and let it sit a few minutes to stiffen.The moisture will evaporate and the glue will be  a little tackier this way. I also use  a teeny bit of hot glue on the edges to act like a helping hand.

Quickly press very firmly and when the hot glue sets, use high tack painter’s tape to tape it on if you can’t clamp it ( clamping is the best- be careful not to shift the piece.). Wipe off any excess.
Some people like to use finishing nails. I’ve never had any luck with this on furniture and I’ve either cracked embellishments or the nails are too long.

Once the piece has set, you are ready to prime and paint.  It will be like a whole new piece!

🙂 Jen
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