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A Prettied Up Bathroom Makeover

One of my good friends, Loria, is  a seamstress and has her own custom window treatment business. She does all kinds of amazing fabric things for the home.She decided to redo her girl’s bathroom and asked for my  help  with the paint. We decided to match the fabric on the shower curtain she made and she wanted it kind of striped like the shower curtain, but not busy striped up and down the walls. I think in such a small pace, it would have looked  a little circusy.. By the way, do you think, both of us who have portfolios would have remembered to take before pictures of the yellow and blue duck laden space?? No, of course not! So here’s the after of a prettied up bathroom makeover!

MOnogrammed towels for a bathroom

We did a chunk of pink at the top half of the room, a white stripe in the middle with the intention of maybe putting polka dots in there and a luscious chocolate brown bottom. See a spring update bathroom makeover here.

Stenciled bottom of the bathroom in brown damask

Then we used a metallic paint and stencil to match the other fabric on the curtain and stenciled it all over the bottom half ( the color is off due to the flash, but I wanted to show you the pattern.). She had the towels monogrammed with the girl’s initials.

custom striped curtain in the bathroom in a a prettied up bathroom makeover

Didn’t she do an amazing job with the curtain?

Cusom made bathroom shower curtain in pink and brown

On the top part of the valance there are 3 fabrics on it with a bit of polka dot peeking out from underneath.

Fabric piping used on the wall as an accent trim

She also did these towels by sewing  the curtain fringe on regular brown towels.

Pretty curtain fringe on decorative towels

And  we found matching trim that matched the curtain and paint and glued it on the wall for the chair rail.
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