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Urban Farmgirl 2017

This year, it was fun to go to Urban Farmgirl 2017 as The Shop. It’s one of those shows I really enjoy doing (when we have good weather), the grounds are so beautiful, and everyone is so happy to be there. People travel from pretty far away to come. We luckily has GORGEOUS weather this year. It was a treat just to be outside, considering May brought spring showers, and we ended up standing in an inch of mud and rain. I managed to grab a few pictures when it slowed a bit. I may have also grabbed a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and an ear of corn with cheese on it…..

Door at Urban farmgirl

Everything, as usual, was so cute! I think we are going to have to steal this idea for the shop. I love the idea of having it out front for display.

Vendor at Urban farmgirl

I need to find a bigger picture of this cute set up. They had this amazing vintage camper all decked out on the inside!

Pumpkins in hay

Pumpkins in hay are always a really cute idea. I’ve already picked up a few from the grocery store. Last week, nothing, this week, boom! Pumpkinpalooza.

The Collective lhe at Urban Farmgirl

Our spot was near the road  next to a cute white house. A few people said they had a hard time finding us, but for the most part, it was a beautiful location. To see more of the show, you can check out the video I did while I was there where I give a little tour and say hi to some of the vendors.

The Collective lhe at Urban Farmgirl

I just feel so blessed, we had such an amazing weather weekend!! Hubby came out and helped me, while Autumn managed a busy day at the shop. Next week, we have a Moms on Main event coming up! Grab a friend, we have some really awesome giveaways, and you can check out our amazing, little town. It runs all day, so even if you work, you can stop by after!

Moms on main in Lisle IL

Click here for more details about Moms on Main.