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Hand lettered Halloween plates for fun decor

This month, I am pairing with DecoArt and using their Americana multi-surface satin paint, which is pretty awesome because you can paint on pretty much anything, to make some fun Halloween party decor!  I thought some hand lettered Halloween plates would be a fun!

(this post contains affiliate links) While these aren’t food safe (here are some Halloween plates that are), they are a fun way to add a spooky touch!

I started with some inexpensive party plates from the craft store, and grabbed a few of Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint in  some Halloween-ish  colors( Paprika, Black Tie, Yellow Gold). I love adding touches like this to a Halloween party. They are fun and inexpensive, and this could even be a fun party project for guests!

Paints in Halloween colors

I started by writing my hand lettering on with a permanent marker. You can also do it in pencil first, or trace it on with a graphite paper, and then going over it if hand lettering isn’t your jam.

Handlettering on Halloween plates

After adding the hand lettering, I went over some of the letters with black tie or paprika paint to emphasize them.

After they dried,I worked inside out, and  I painted the edges of my hand lettered Halloween plates, and highlighted any raised parts.

Painting plates for Halloween

Adding gold accent to Halloween plates

I also used the Yellow gold to add an accent to the edges.

I put a spell on you

I tried to find Halloween quotes that weren’t just the same old, same old trick or treat, or boo sayings.

Fun and cute Halloween quotes

Any Hocus Pocus fans out there?

Hand painted Halloween plates Happy Halloween witches

I put mine on my mantel with a few pumpkins from the grocery store.

Halloween Mantel decorating idea with plates

For years, our grocery store had plain, orange pumpkins.This year, we had some cute small ones, and some stripey ones too, as well as a collection of interesting gourds. They are finally moving up in the world a bit, and getting with the times!

Happy hand lettered Halloween plates and mantel decorating idea

Halloween mantel decorating idea and handlettered plates with quotes

If you are looking for more Halloween decor inspiration, you can check out this post  on an Egdar Allen Poe mantel, you can make this NOPE terrarium,


Easy halloween embroidery hoop spider web weaving

craft up this cute, spider web  embroidery hoop door hanger.

This post is sponsored by DecoArt, opinions are entirely my own.


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