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Using vintage handkerchiefs in every day decor

Hi Everyone! It’s Jennifer Zuri here from Town and Country Living and I’m itchin’ to show you a super easy way to add cottage style decor to your home. Once the weather turns nice I like to keep things simple inside so I can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. I have a collection of vintage handkerchiefs that I use to add a little color around the home. I love this look because a) I think it’s pretty and b) the hankies don’t cost much. Here’s 3 simple ways to use vintage hankies in your home.

Create a cottage style window treatment with vintage hankies.Create a cottage style window valance. Using a tension rod in your window, fold the hankies diagonally over the rod so they create a pointed edge. No sewing needed!


Create a cottage style window treatment with vintage hankies.Use a mix of patterns in complementary colors.


Create a cottage style window treatment with vintage hankies.Add a small potted flower on the sill for additional color.


Enamel pot with violasI love these little violas … or Johnny Jump Ups as we called them when we were kids.


Create a vintage hankie bannerCreate a vintage hankie banner. I actually saw this idea in the window of a local vintage shop and thought it was so cute. I decided to make one for my dining hutch.


Create a vintage hankie bannerAll you do to make this banner is fold your vintage hankies diagonally, and then tie the ends together.

So easy and it adds a bit of color and whimsy!


Create a vintage hankie table runnerCreate a vintage hankie table runner. Choose 3 hankies in complementary colors and line them up point-to-point on your table. You could also overlap them and add more, if desired.


Create a vintage hankie table runnerTo create a simple centerpiece, add a potted flower atop each hankie.

I chose African violets but any flower will do.


Vintage Hankies Three WaysAnd there you have it! Vintage hankies … three ways!

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  1. This post just makes me sad – my sister has no idea what she did with my mother’s incredible hankie collection. I am so afraid one of her kids tossed them;

    Cute ideas!

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