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a peek at my garden view

It’s been raining for days! I always get a little nervous when we get that much rain. Luckily, every one around here stayed dry, though I understand some other areas weren’t so lucky. The bright side of all of the rain is everything gets so green! I took a walk around my yard this morning and took in the garden view, and I loved seeing everything fill in after such a long winter, and just come to life. I wanted to share a mini-garden tour.

Garden view with flowering dogwood, junpier and Forest Pansy redbud

Currently, my favorite part of  our yard is outside the kitchen window. It’s really one of  the places I spent a lot of time at (unfortunately, booooo!), so I love to be able to look out and see everything blooming, while doing the drudgery of housework.

I love that the Hosta are really filling out, and I am amazed at how my Flowering Dogwood is loaded with blooms. That almost never happens that I get that many! Normally a late frost get them first.

Flowering dogwood in the Midwest garden view

My Forest Pansy Redbud is was also full of pretty, pink flowers. I love the heart-shaped leaves on the Redbud, even if it is a slow grower here. It’s really a great under-story tree, and shade garden plant.

Forest Pansy redbud is a great understory tree that first blooms with pink blossoms, and then sets deep marron, heart shaped leaves.

My plan with this side lot this year is to actually finish it in pea gravel. It’s not a big area to mow, and then it would extend the seating on our patio, plus I love the crunch of pea gravel. But,that’s a project for later this summer.

Garden view in side lot

My Snowball Viburnum blooms right after the lilacs. They will go from green with white.

Snowball viburnum has beautiful white blooms, the bush can get up to 15 feet high.

They are such great vase plants, and I love using them in arrangements with Hosta.

Snowball viburnum

I love this garden view of the arbor.

Garden path early springWe severely trimmed back the Wisteria this year because it was getting kind of crazy at the end of this year.We want to paint the deck, so we needed to prune it away anyway. We won’t get any blooms this year, but in the past it’s been loaded. I can’t wait until everything really fills in. Then,I can give you a real garden tour!

Garden path in early fall



  1. Your garden is lovely! My favorites-Viburnum and redbuds have had an extra long bloom time around here this year, due to the coolish Spring. 🙂

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