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Vintage Brass Geese Magical Christmas Mantel

Last year I purchased a brass goose/swan from a vintage shop and was immediately obsessed. There was something elegant about the shape including the details of the wings. Slowly my collection started to grow (and my obsession also did with not only geese, but swans too.). and I had the idea to create a vintage brass geese magical Christmas mantel around them. The song My Favorite Things  from The Sound of Music popped in my head and especially the line “wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings”. I knew I wanted to build a mantel theme around that idea. You can watch a video with this post where I walk you through my house and show you my vintage decor. It is about 8 minutes long, but the living room decor is in the first 3 minutes. It’s easier to watch the video full screen because I took it with my phone vertically.

Flying goose holiday mantel with tree with light up candle globes and mantel

I had already created the base of the design on the mantel, and the next part was about adding onto it and Christmas-fying it a bit by tucking vintage Shiny Brite ornaments into the moss and around the mantel. The ornaments lend a nice bit of shine around the earthy moss in contrast with the patinaed brass and twinkle lights.

Brass goose and vintage ornaments

I was able to add a small collection of brass geese that was a family of three that I picked up at Warehouse 55. I like having the varied sizes added to the mantelscape and they are so cute!

Mushrooms and geese on a mantel with a black wall with moss

I’ve never been much of a twinkle light fan, but after adding them to this mantelscape I am really starting to love how they add so much whimsy and prettiness among the deeper more organic decor like the mushrooms. I have small velvet mushroom ornaments on my tree as well, so I love that it carries the theme through.

Brass swan on holiday mantelscape with moss and twinkle lights

Some of the brass geese are a little more streamlined than others which tells me that they are a little more modern, but I like the difference of them not all being the same.

Brass geese and swans on a mantel with moss

I think this guy to the front of the image looks more like a brass duck than a brass goose, but that’s ok, he’s pretty cute too.

FLying goose with a brass goodes and ornaments

This entire scene to me feels almost like there is a lake the are resting on instead of my faux fireplace mantel, with the moon hanging low over the top. This brass goose is just filled with mini-plastic ornaments.

Moss and twinkle lights on the mantel

The addition of the two types of moss and mushrooms really give this entire mantel a woodland feel. The glass globes on the tree really play off of the moon, like there are mini-moons scattered on the branches. They have a beautiful glow.

Living room iwth colorful rug and wood mantel and Christmas tree

It was so fun to create my vintage brass geese magical Christmas mantel with woodland style decor and twinkle lights, that I might have to being it back next year!

twinkle lights in moss braches and flying paper goose and moon
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