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Make a Cute and Easy Pom Pom Wreath

I had so many questions about how I  made my mini-wreaths that hung on the back of my chairs, that I thought I would do a tutorial on them. They were  so easy to make with yarn pom poms and an embroidery hoop. You can use a wreath form for a larger, more robust sizes. But these can also be customized with different colors of yarn and can be made as winter wreaths or Christmas wreaths, and pom poms are always fun holiday decor. So here’s how to Make a Cute and Easy Pom Pom Wreath!

You can make a huge wreath, and it will probably cost around the same as making 4 smaller ones. But, the small ones are so cute and quick, you could make a few for the backs of your chairs like I did! They are fast and the kids can even help make the pom-poms. And while I am  making mine with cardboard, there is no shame in using pom pom makers. Whatever gets the job done!
Easy DIY mini pom pom wreaths for DIY Christmas decor

Supplies to make your own winter pom pom wreath:

1- embroidery hoop. about 6 inch in diameter ( or a wire wreath frame or styrofoam wreath form for a bigger wreath)
Hot glue (be careful with the hot glue so you don’t melt the yarn.)
1-2 skeins of yarn, preferably white, wooly thick yarn
a 5 x 7 square piece of cardboard , or an old greeting card or card stock folded in half will do.
Sharp scissors
Ribbon For a bow. I found some very cute Swedish-inspired ribbon at Micheal’s.
Wool yarn and an embroidery hoop to make a pom pom wreath
 Separate your two pieces of embroidery hoop. You can use both to make 2 wreaths because you won’t see the back and they are close in size.

To make pom poms you can use a pom maker or a piece of cardboard

Start by wrapping the cardboard with the end piece of yarn from the skein. Keep enough tension to snug against the cardboard, but not enough to start bending it.

To make pom poms wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard

The size of your card stock and how much you wrap your yarn will determine the size and how full your pom-poms are. Wrap your yarn around your card stock about 40-60 times. The more loops the fuller it will be. If you want all of your pom poms to be roughly the same size make sure to count how many times you wrap your yarn around the cardboard.
Gather all of the wrapped yarn
 Once you have wrapped it as full as you like, carefully gather it together and pinch it in the middle. Slowly pull it off of the cardstock retaining the loops.
Tie a loop of yarn around the middle of the pom pom
 Take a bit of the yarn and tie a knot around the bunch right in the center.
Trim the loops with scissors to create the pom pom
 Carefully cut all of the loops with out pulling the yarn our of the looped shape.
Trim excess yarn off the pom pom
 Once all of your loops are cut, you’ll have  a shaggy ball. This is a fun and messy part! Take a sharp pair of scissors and trim the shaggy mess  of excess yarn to a neat round pom pom shape.
Hot glue your yarn to the hoop with a hot glue gun

Glue your pom poms onto your wreath frame

Carefully hot glue your  trimmed pom-poms to the embroidery hoop, and the press your pom pom to the glue. Make sure to add the glue to the hoop and not to the yarn. Depending on the kind of yarn, the hot glue could melt it. You can use super tacky white craft glue for this project if you are working with kids, but they need to dry flat for 24 hours before moving them.
Glue all of the pom poms to the wood embroidery hoop
Don’t be afraid to squeeze your pom-poms in together to get the full texture of your DIY pom pom wreath. I squeezed about 7 meatball sized pom poms onto the hoop.
Glue your ribbon to the yarn
 Hot glue your bow (add your glue to the bow not to the yarn) and use  a scrap of yarn to tie a loop through the top to hang your wreath and your ready to go!
I love the look of the yarn pom pom wreath and I can’t wait to use them year after year!
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  1. lovely interpretation Jen! and wrapping those pom poms on the cardboard always reminds me of my mom when I was little 🙂 blessings on the rest of your Christmas season

  2. Thank you for sharing this Jen! I LOVE your petite wreaths on the back of your chairs! I am going to do this next Christmas!Maybe I have time to check out on deals for yarn and supplies to make it even cheaper! Have a great weekend!

  3. These wreaths are so adorable! I think they could be left up for January too! I just love them and I think it would be a fun craft to do with my two duaghters. Thank you for sharing the very easy to follow tutorial. I so need simple steps like you shared in order to do any craft, so again, thank you!!!

  4. Jennifer,

    What a great idea to use the embroidery wreath! I was in the process of making a mid sized version of the wreath but had planned to attach the pompoms to an old grape vine wreath I have (lets just say it was working the best, haha!) I have a thing for balls of yarn so I always pick it up at yard sales over the summer. Did you end up with fuzz all over the place? It looks like shearing time at our house right now! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Jen,
    ADORABLE!!!! These are the cutest ever. Love them on the back of your chairs. So cute.
    ps. I got the angel crown and jewels. Thanks so much she is so pretty adorned with her new crown and necklace. Thanks again so much. Love her.

  6. Really cute Jennifer! I hadn’t seen the Anthro one yet – don’t know how I missed it since I adore that store!! But this is a great tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  7. Very cute…thanks so much for sharing! I was just looking at the pompom makers a couple of days ago at Hobby Lobby so I could try to make these. With your instructions it will be SO much easier! Blessings ~ Judy

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