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Vintage signs… will travel

One of the fun things about taking long driving car trips with the family,is that you really get to see the details of our land. One of my favorite things to do when we go on a long road trip, is to take pictures of  old vintage signs. They have such a great sense of history and I love all of the old typography.

It’s impressive how the signs are custom hand-lettered, without the aid of stencils or fancy projectors like we have today.

I was going through some of our old vacation pictures and I found some of these  from different driving vacations we’ve taken over the last few years. A couple of them are newer signs from businesses made to look old and I thought those were cool to share too.

cool vintage real estate sign

We visited friends a few years ago and this was at the back of a near by barn, just hanging out behind the shed. It was a few years ago. If I knew then what I know now, I would have offered to buy it.

Cool railroad lettering on tracks

 I grabbed a quick snap of these old elevated tracks. I think we were on our way to West Virginia.


Anyone from Michigan recognize this building? It’s in Grand Beach.


This was a sign at Chap’s when I went to Farm Chicks a few years ago. I loved the patina. If you haven’t been there you should go.  Farm Chicks is a blast and Chap’s is a cool restaurant.

DSC_0293This was from the Nashville building that the America Pickers are in. If you go you should walk around the entire building. It’s very cool. It’s an old Marathon car factory and has original wood floors and mechanics.

DSC_0275 (1)

And this sign is on a restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee. It’s new but pretty awesome huh?

And I bought this sign at a resale store a few years ago. We found out through some research it was Chicago pre-1909.  After 1909 the addresses changed. It’s one of my favorite possessions ever. We think it’s from an old bench.

vintage bickerdike sign from Chicago

If you see any awesome signs on your travels,or if you have any near your home, tag it on Instagram as #vintagesignlove and share it with the rest of us!

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