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DIY wood alphabet letter magnets

I have a quick and easy project for you!

I picked up these wood letters at Michaels in the bins near the register. I thought it might be kind of fun to have some alphabet letter magnets for the fridge like we used to when the kids were little. While I am  a little afraid now of what they might spell out… I am wiling to take the risk.

wood craft letters

I just bought some roll magnet with a sticky back, and cut them to fit on the back of the letters.

make easy diy letter magnets

It was super easy. I  laid out the letters and then flipped them over so they were going the right way. I knew if I didn’t do it I would probably stick them on the wrong side.

easy to make wood fridge magnets

On longer letters I used longer magnet strips cut to size.

Easy magnet letters, wood craft letters and magnetic tape

I think they are fun and modern looking. I think you could use them for a ton of embellishing on projects too. I grabbed two boxes because I knew I might want them for other projects. That’s how I end up with extra craft supplies I never use.

make quick and easy alphabet magnets

So far most of the magnets  have stayed on (most of) the the backs. I probably wouldn’t use these for little kids because the magnets could be a choking hazard, but you might have to use hot glue if the sticky part on the magnet isn’t strong enough.

Make fun aplphabet letters, These craft store letters are great for embellishing

I have a few other project ideas for these too.

It’s been a long summer so far, did you see the last item on my “list”? I even put a smiley face next to it.

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