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Elements of a Cottage Garden

I woke up this morning and it was BEAUTIFUL out! The sun was shining, It was about 70 degrees with a mild breeze. It was nice to see everything finally growing in and the cottage garden is really filling in. I definitely consider my garden a cottage garden style. It’s a little wild and over grown, but full of color and green growing things.  I wanted to share with you some elements of a cottage garden so you can create your own.
Small french bistro table on a patio and marigolds

Why do I call this  a cottage garden? Because it has all of the elements. Beautiful flowers and vintage touches, such as these beautiful marigolds in a vintage sap bucket.
Marigolds in a vintage sap bucket


My newest addition is a bit of running water that the birds are loving with a solar powered fountain. I have more on that DIY coming up! It makes the area off of our patio  feel so lush and relaxing!

Small fountain in a galvanzied tub surrounded by ferns and a fuschia plant

A porch swing  or comfy places to sit you can relax and put your feet up on. They are places to enjoy that  slightly overgrown wildness of the cottage garden.

porch swing and pillows

Private seating area in an egg chair with gravel

Old concrete items, statuary and birdbaths too make the cottage garden feel “cottagey”

Moss in and old birdbath

And statuary poking out from places among the greenery.

Angel statue in a garden

I love how this statue of Mary rests where my lavender garden is from last year. She does move around every year, so next year you might see her somewhere else. this year she’s hanging out by the garlic.

Statue in the garden for interest

Adding creative elements like this bed frame to my planting  bed” is the perfect touch for the cottage garden feel.

bed frame in a garden bed


It’s so exciting when everything is finally growing like these beets. It makes the garden so alive. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own garden, see how in this post about planting a victory garden.

Beets growing in the garden


And of course every cottage garden has a sweet puppy to hang out in it. I miss this girl.

Golden retriever in the garden


Arbors and trellises with a hanging basket or two are always a requirement when creating a cottage garden feel

Hanging basket in a cottage garden
Eventually as you add plants and trees and they grown and fill in, it will create even more of a green oasis.


Garden path in early fall

Backyard patio makeover with landscaped area and garden
The biggest thing is don’t be afraid to add color and mix plants together for a less uniform look.
Flowers in a basket


Arbor in a garden area

A cottage garden feels like a vacation even when you’re at home. For more planting and gardening tips, check out this post about planting in the shade.

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  1. JEN,

  2. Morning is the absolute best time of the day…your garden is a lovely place to get centered and start your day. Hope the great weather continues! 🙂

  3. What a wonderful way to start a day. We are having such an usual spring, it hasn’t been warm enough to be inviting early in the day. I love the picture of your dog, what a sweetheart. Thanks for the great garden tour.

  4. Love you doggie pic…so cute! I am jealous of your weather..after living in TX for twenty years, I am now in Oregon-and the spring is yet to arrive. We are ( supposedly, lol) 15 degrees BELOW normal-and haven’t had a 70 degree day yet 🙁

    I miss my big ole TX garden, and my annuals that would be in full swing by now-but this place is a new challenge, and I am sure I’ll be able to take my seedlings out of the cold frame…SOON?

    Thanks for making me take time to appreciate what is right before me-even if it is different.

  5. it was so beautiful this morning. yesterday too. i have been working in the yard nonstop. feels so good. your garden looks so beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful way to start out your day, Jenn. It doesn’t any mor perfect than that. ♥ Your garden is so sweet and I adore the little treasures you’ve tucked here and there. 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  7. Love your yard!
    I love going out on our deck and just listening to the quiet…cradling my first coffee and just enjoying…
    Looks like you have asuch a serene place to enjoy!!
    Loved this post!
    Im off tomorrow so I plan to have some of these “quiet moments”

    Deborah xoxox

  8. Loved this post Jen… no matter how hectic it gets, I stop and find that place of peace in my spirit, if just for a minute.
    Your garden looks amazing!

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