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Vintage workbench turned kitchen island…

Last summer, when I found a vintage workbench at the flea market, I knew it was time to replace our kitchen island with something, well, older.

We had bought our first kitchen island when we moved in to our home 13 years ago, it had evolved from a counter height pub style table into a useable piece of furniture when we added a stock bathroom cabinet,

It even made it through the remodel, getting a coat of paint or two along the way.

Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen summer time

But I just wanted something a bit more industrial with more surface area. It seemed like I always ran out of counter space when I was cooking dinner.

Vintage work becnh used a kitchen islandSo we brought this great find out of storage and swapped it out. The other island got a coat of paint(again) and is going into the kids play space for a craft table.

Using a vintage work bench as a ktichen island is inexpensive and give a great industrial feel.I love the touch of wood in the space, and the wood itself has such great patina!

Seal and clean the vintage wood to make it safe for a kitchen islandWe were very lucky the top was in amazing shape.It didn’t have any oil staining or anything else  that would make it too gross to use.

And after a light sanding, huge cleaning and sealing it’s perfect.

a piece of baker's marble used as  a kitchen island topWe still keep our piece of baker’s marble for food prep and  hot pans . I would actually like to get a bigger piece now.

Great patina of a vintage work bench used for a kitchen islandIt still has a hole from the old clamp. Pretty cool.

Old patina wood on a ktichen islandI just love the look of the wood and metal and the great patina!

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  1. Love the patina on the wood! Curious…how did you hang the silver platter behind your stove? Mine has awkward feet, but I would love to hang it on a wall someday.

  2. Oh, that workbench just has so much more character….I love the contrast. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  3. I bought a workbench last fall at an auction from a dear man in our community that passed away from cancer. We are waiting to do a little remodeling in our kitchen, and it is going to be our new kitchen island. I knew it the moment I saw it at the auction!! I have thought of keeping the clamp on ours though….we’ll see….great to see yours, now I have a visual for my husband;) ~ Kim

  4. Oh Jen it is gorgeous and so full of wonderful character. It looks so great in your kitchen. Really opens the space. Great treasure to find at the Flea Market.

  5. Okay, I’ve always admired your island… and wasn’t sure if I was going to like something new (don’t you love my honesty – LOL), but I LOVE this. It’s perfect! The open legwork makes your kitchen seem so much bigger!!!

  6. I love the old one! I thought , “Oh know! big mistake!’ I have went back and forth looking at the pictures. I think I like both looks. I love it when you show all your before and after pictures. I need to do something to my house so it isn’t so boring to me. I can tell you love your home. You inspire me to change my home décor.

  7. As always… My cousin is amazing! I love all the things that she has done and continues to do!! She has that special talent, that whatever she finds… she makes it into an amazing piece of art!! So proud of you Jen!! Love you and miss you so much!! Laurie

  8. That is a great looking island!! You did a good job.
    Many years ago, and much to the disgust of hubster and most of the rest of the family, I hauled home a woodworkers bench, complete with a wooden vise, and put it in the dining room for a “sideboard”. Everyone has calmed down now and agrees that it was one of my better ideas :^) I use the bottom shelf for standing platters, and the drawers for odd silverware. I open the jaws of the vise and insert a 2×8 to make the top a bit longer when I need more space.
    Blessings to you,

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